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In desperate need of good doctor recommendations - Philadelphia or North East

  • bowiekid86
  • 1 year ago

I'm in a  really bad situation right now. I seriously cannot find a good doctor with reasonable pricing [under 10K] for a lift/reduction that I really need to have. It's putting me in a hopeless mood because I have been to multiple Philadelphia/PA/NJ doctors like Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Lyle Back (what an awful guy!), and a few others for consults and they have been just short of terrible in personality and more importantly work ethic/ability. I feel like I will never find a doctor and I want to get my procedure done this year so I am heartbroken that the process has been so bad for me the past 1.5 years. I tried Dr. Adam Kolker but I honestly do not have almost 13,000 dollars for ONE procedure, it is just far too much money and it seems overpriced despite how good he is.  So, to help me out just a little, does anyone know of any really nice, good doctors on the East Coast, around Philadelphia and maybe NY? I would love to hear back from anyone who has been to a doctor and liked results they saw. I'm really scared because so many doctor websites I see unfortunately have supposedly revered work ethics, like 'best doc of the main line or --- area', yet show after images with lopsided breasts and uneven nipples... it's like, seriously? Who IS there out there to go to? ANYbody? :( I just want this nightmare to end. 

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Dr. Kolker price fits his work. Trust me, you won't regret it and you will not be disappointed. :)
I was just wondering what you didn't like about dr. Ted Eisenberg. I am considering scheduling a consult with him, but it's hard to find info on him on this website I guess since he's a DO instead of an MD.
I had a consultation with Dr. Adrian Lo. He has great reviews and is very professional. Best of all, his consultations are free and pricing is extremely reasonable compared to other doctors.
toll much? @ carbs.