Has anyone heard of Dr. Rodriguez based out Baltimore MD and Hollywood CA? Have u Seen His Work?

  • Londa84
  • 2 years ago

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check out Dr. Dennis Dass the Best at Brazilian Butt Lift
Dr. R, has his signature BBL, he calls it the B'More Butt lift. I seen his reviews on RS and scheduled a consult and was smitten on his signature design, B'MORE. His recommendation was not the BBL because I already have a shape and booty. So I decided to go with his recommendation, plus it was less expensive. Long story short.... I am back on RS to polish my look with J Curves. Ladies go with your gut instinct... God blessed us all with instinct for a reason. You know what you desire and no Dr. should be able to convince you after 5 minutes. Enough said... Dr. R has a great personality and he had me rolling with his cute Rican self. I had a good experience with Dr. R and his staff. His B'more office, absolutely gorgeous! It is so easy to get caught up in the hype. I hope I have answered your question or helpful at best.
I consulted with Dr. R for breast implants, a friend of mine went to him for breast implants and TT I'm not sure if she had her booty done or not but recommended me to him and she will not go to anyone else. She also goes to him for Botox. She is a very high maintenance chick. I am not. His is cool. I'm curious how much did he quote you for the BBL. I asked about it and he said it runs $14K. I got my quote for implants I am just undecided on what I want to get done first. I am only 45 minutes away from Dr. R. I am also PuertRc

Hey Londa,

If you're referring to Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez, you can go to his profile page and read some of the reviews that other community members have left for him.