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I Hate my Lumineers, They Are Too Big and Look Fake. Has Anybody Gotten Theirs Removed? What Was Your Experience?

  • jag991
  • Tucson, AZ
  • 2 years ago

I Hate my Lumineers, They Are Too Big and Look Fake. Has Anybody Gotten Theirs Removed? What Was Your Experience?

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Unfortunately, we wind up fixing a number of Lumineer problems. They are not my first choice for veneer treatments. For a FEW people they can make a big change. For others they are a disappointment. My suggestion is to visit with an experienced cosmetic dentist and ask all of your hard questions. In general, veneers should not pop off. Some people ARE good candidates for a No-Prpe style of veneer. Artistry and high skill are still required to have these turn out with a great result.
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I've had 3 lumineers out of 10 fall off within 5 years. I would strongly recommend another option. Also, a couple of Dentists I've met predicted I would have trouble and......they were right.
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I hate my lumineers. When I first got them I cried because I was so happy. That was a year ago. Since then I have had five cracked teeth. Not only is it frustrating it is time consuming and expensive. The first time I had two replaced and I was not happy with them b thh were not the same color they were a shade off. Now I've had two crack and my dentist didn't replace them this time he left them as is. I saw him last week and I have two dark spots under one of my lumineers and so he started scraping on it thibking it was a crater and he cracked it!!!! So now I have three cracked lumineers and a hefty payment. I'm furious.
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I think every case is different and much is down to the skill of your dentist. However, my understanding, there are three facts you should be aware of. 1. Lumineers are totally flat. Other veneers can be contoured to give little ridges etc. 2. Lumineers can only be made in one colour. Other veneers can be graduated to resemble real teeth. 3. Lumeers are opaque, other veneers can be made more translucent. I am of course happy for any Lumineers experts to dispute these statements but that is my understanding. What it means it that Lumineers will never achieve as natural a look as traditional veneers. Also, don't know where you live but I'm in the UK. Lumineers labs are in the US. So if there's a problem, theres a long wait. I had one come out and crack and it was 2 weeks to get a replacement, then it didn't fit so another 2 weeks. That's a month with a horrible discoloured tooth. A UK cosmetic dentist with a good lab can turn things around in 2 or 3 days.
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Absolutely not true what you said about Lumineers. They can be made translucent and with ridges and they avoid reduced healthy tooth and unnecessary danger To the tooth structure. I love my Lumineers. I had them done by dr Rimma Chertog in freehold dental arts nj . She has celebrity clients who go there but very reasonable prices.
I also had my dental work done by her, what a wonderful caring Dentist. I fear the dentist and not only does my smile look beautiful but she took away my fear
I also used Dr Chertog for my dental work , not only did I have terrible fear of the dentist but I needed a lot of work and implants she restored my smile and made it beautiful but also took away my fear of the dentist
I am reading the comments on Lumineers...I have appointment for this coming week to start the process..You guys are scaring I wonder if I am doing the right thing.
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jag991, we are sorry that you are not satisfied with your LUMINEERS. Please return to your LUMINEERS dentist to discuss your concerns and identify appropriate options.
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Thanks for jumping on Lumineers Representative, and thank you for being upfront that you are a Lumineers Rep. I appreciate your transparency with that. I'm guessing you saw the Tweet about this forum?

I know it will differ from case to case, but would you mind filling us in on what jag991 may expect if the decision is made to remove the Lumineers? Even if you could give us a few scenarios (ie If your teeth weren't prepped ___, If your teeth were prepped___, etc.) that would be great.

Hello Megan in response to your question and jag991:

In the event that a patient decides that LUMINEERS is not right for them and want their natural smile restored, they should first consult with their dentist to assess options. In most cases LUMINEERS can be removed from the original tooth with no residual damage. The removal process is simple. The dentist will grind the LUMINEERS off the tooth's surface, leaving the original tooth completely untouched and intact. Then the dentist will polish the tooth to clean away any remaining cement. The removal process is pain free, and when finished, the patient will have his/her original smile restored. If the teeth were overly prepped or contoured, which we do not recommend for placing LUMINEERS, then temporary bonding will be needed until a permanent solution is found.

Good information - thanks for the reply. :)

Lumineers are terrible! I had one crack in less than a week, my teeth are now completely ruined. I wish I never got them. Much of my enamel is gone and my teeth are extremely small now. Do not get them! Very poor product marketed towards unexperienxed dentists.

What are the appropriate options, from a Lumineers Company stand point? Can I get any of my money back? I had one fall off within 24 hours and I don't like the color.
I have just had my lumineers removed and normal veneers fitted. What a difference! I am delighted with the new veneers, they look white but natural with different tones of colour, little grooves and cracks, just like natural teeth. Yes it was a much longer process (3 months and eight appointments) but the results are incomparably better.
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nelle96, thanks for your comments regarding Lumineers. I am thinking about this procedure and my dentist wants to do 6 teeth. After reading several postings I am having second thoughts. Are these too bulky or did you have problems with biting down? Any information you can off will be greatly appreciated.

I didn't have problem with biting down but they did look awful. The problem is, they are marketed as 'no prep' which you assume is a good thing. But this does mean that when attached to your teeth, they make them bulky. You don't notice so much looking straight on, but in profile, if you show your gums when you smile, there is a very unnatural line along your gums where the teeth stick forward (I don't mean at an angle, just that there is probably 1/2 mm bulk there instead of being flush with your gums). The problems of this are 1. it looks weird and fake 2. whenever you eat you get loads of food stuck in your teeth which looks disgusting and because of this 3. its not good for the health of your gums.

I'm sure there are instances of them being successfully applied but having now had traditional porcelain veneers on 14 of my teeth for a year without any problem, I would go that route every time.