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What happens years after liposuction?

  • mrc_saenz
  • 1 year ago

Hello. I'm new to this forum. It seems really helpful so I'm glad I found it. I'm a 25 year old male and I have areas of fat that have not resolved with exercise ever since I lost weight during high school. I'm now near my ideal body weight but would like to get my flanks and lower abdomen liposuctioned. I have read a lot about what happens during the immediate post-op days, but does anybody have any experience with liposuction years after getting it done (1yr, 5yrs, 10yrs+ post op)? I'm scheduled for tumescent liposuction next month and I have a few concerns. I have read that fat may "return" in the future. Is there anyone who followed with diet and exercise and STILL experienced fat return? If the fat returned to a "new" area that was not originally suctioned, was it "stubborn" requiring a second liposuction procedure, or was it manageable with exercise?

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Hi mrc_saenz. I can't give you any medical advice, but I'm wondering if you might want to read the forum thread, 'Did you gain weight after liposuction?' If you read from first to last, you may get a good idea for what many people are dealing with after liposuction down the road. Also, the University of Denver did a study about liposuction in 2011. It was published in the NYT and is called something like, 'The Belly Finds What the Thighs Lose." you might also want to learn about white and brown fat and find out a little bit more about the purpose fat plays with out metabolism. Lastly, are ou certain that you have pockets of fat, or could any of it be lose skin? The last thing you need is to have a surgeon intent on suctioning out tissue that he thinks is fat, but it's really skin. That's what a surgeon did to me, and I can tell you that it is a painful, irreversible sitation tha I would not wish for anyone. Comgrats on all of the weight loss and fitness habits. I hope that all goes well for you.