Full recovery after Breast Lift

  • Klara Prague
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • 3 months ago

Hi ladies, I am considering a Breast Lift surgery to get my confidence back... After two children my breasts need some work done.  When can I expect to be fully recovered after a Brest Lift surgery? Any experience appreciated...Klara

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klara, Im about 5 days out from my BA /BL. The worst for me was the first 12 hours. after that the pain was minimal and hardly any of it from the actual lift. I'm off the meds except I take a muscle relaxer in the am to get the implants ready for movement but I've done fine and if I had to say I could go back to a desk job after a week. However, I am a private nanny, and plan on two at least. The main thing is to be in good health before hand. eat right walk and take vitamins for your overall health and you should be fine. Good luck. It is worth doin. I feel amazing.
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I just posted my 3 month pics, no pain, very real feeling. Able to do everything. Look at my profile. It will answer a lot if your questions
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Klara, I am 48 yrs old and less than a week away.... Ill let you know when I have it done.
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