Looking for Seattle Area Bleph Revision Specialist and Temporary Fix

  • Determined333
  • Seattle
  • 2 years ago

I'm a 43 year old male and I had an upper and lower bleph back in Dec of 2011.  I had a little bit of hooding up top, and puffy / baggy / wrinkly lower eyelids.  The surgeon I chose came highly recommended and he specialized in eyes.    After the surgery I was generally happy with the work on the upper lids, but not the lowers.  The puffiness was gone, but all of the wrinkles remained and the worst part was that while I was no longer puffy, my lower eyelid muscles looked overly exposed (slightly bulgy), and I looked a bit hollowed out from the lower lid to the cheek.  (FWIW after the surgery the surgeon almost bragged about how much fat he removed.)      I talked to the surgeon a few times after the surgery about my concerns.  He told me to wait it out and that the skin would tighten up over time.  I honestly so no changes or improvement from month 3 to month to present.  The last time I saw him he finally agreed that a revision was in order, but that all he he would do was a bit more of a pinch of skin in the outside corners.  This may have addressed some of the wrinkles but it would do nothing for the bulgy, slightly hollow look.  So I set out to see what other doctors had to say about the work.    I met with six doctors and I got the impression that once they new I was already unhappy with previous work done by another doctor, that they didn't want to get involved.  In the end, I did end up finding another board certified facial surgeon that was willing to work with me.  While he wasn't an eye specialist, I looked over all of his before and after photos, and he really seemed to be capable of very natural looking results.  We met 3 times prior to the day of surgery and talked again about the details the morning of.  Surgery took place 2 weeks ago (8/1/2012).  In our early discussions we kicked around the idea of trimming the lower eyelid muscle to reduce the prominence of the lower lid.  He thought that would be a viable option and that if done that he would be “very conservative”.  Prior to my 3rd meeting with him, I had taken a close look at my eyes and came to the realization that trimming the lower eyelid muscle would potentially make me look more hollowed out.  I told him this and expressed my interest in fat transfer instead.  He agreed that fat transfer was a good idea, but he felt that some conservative trimming of the muscle would also provide better results.   After I woke up from the surgery, he briefly told me about what he had done.  He went ahead with a “conservative trim” to the lower eyelid muscles and did the fat transfer, BUT where he put the fat was not where I thought he was going to put it.  Before the surgery I looked most hollow in the tear trough to the midline of the eye.  I assumed that this was the obvious place to do the fat injection, but he placed it only on the outside corners (from the midline of the eye to the outer corners).  I had a fairly deep crease in the skin there, so maybe that was what he was trying to address.  At any rate, while I'm just 2 weeks into healing, now that the much of the swelling has subsided, I look even more hollowed out under the left eye than I did before!  Just as I suspected I would if the muscle was trimmed and there was nothing to bring the volume back up under my eyes.  I'm really alarmed at how bad I look.  Sickly is the best way I can describe it.  I know I have to wait to fully heal, but I really don't see this getting better to the point that it looks good, or even remotely “natural”, and I have to return to work soon.  Here is where I need your help.  I'm telling my story on this forum because I think there is a good chance that I'm going to need another revision and I really need to get it right this time.  I thought I had done the research needed to chose the right surgeon, but apparently not.  Can anyone recommend a surgeon in the Seattle area that specializes in revisionary blephs, or if you are a Seattle surgeon reading this and you have the confidence that you can fix the problem I would love to meet with you.    In the meantime, is there anything I can do in the next couple of weeks, such as temporary fillers to minimize the the appearance of the damage done, or would it be best to just leave it alone until I can have it fixed?  (My next opportunity to take enough time off for revisionary surgery would be the end of December (4 months).  Would that be enough time to heal?) As for a more permanent fix, I still think fat transfer is the answer, but there is one hurdle here.  I'm in great shape and have very little fat to spare.     Thanks in advance to any and all that have advice to offer.          Picture #1:  My left eye before the 1st surgery. Picture #2:  My left eye 8 months after the 1st surgery. Picture #3:  My left eye on day one after the 2nd surgery (8/1/12). Picture #4:  My left eye today (8/13/12). Picture #5:  Both eyes 8 months after the 1st surgery. Picture #6:  Both eyes today Picture #7:  What I was hoping for.  A picture of my eyes taken in favorable lighting and touched up a bit by me using Photoshop.