Looking for Recommendations of Plastic Surgeon in Sacramento, CA

  • 2 years ago

I am just starting to research this online, and I wish I had a referral. Can anyone point me to a good website that offers people's experience with plastic surgeons that did breat augmentation on them? Better yet, can someone recommend an excellent plastic surgeon in Sacramento? There are a lot of doctors out there online and I don't have a clue where to start!

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I met with Dr Hause and scheduled the procedure! He recommended 325cc so now I don't know if I should go 325 or 350. Definitely not 400 though!
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thank you - did you get a procedure done there? I am smaller frame and weigh 115 lbs 5'4" - A cup and I want to go to a full C or D cup. I am deciding between 350cc and 400cc and really can't decide. I am going to call for a consultation right now.

thank you!
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Dr. Hause
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You've come to the right website! RealSelf has hundreds of reviews from other ladies who've had breast augmentation, as well as before and after photos, discussion boards, and a doctor Q&A community.

Sort through reviews here.

Here is a list of doctors in Sacramento who perform breast augmentation.

Hope this helps!

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