I'm Looking for an Experienced Brazillian Buttlift Surgeon in the Bay Area ?

  • 143me4eva
  • Castro Valley, CA
  • 2 years ago

Ht 5'7 wt182 , I would like a full prominent bottom, and also some hips I believe I have enough fat. Currently the best before and after photos I've seen have been from dr.campos in Mexico , I am willing to travel based on his experience he does this a lot in his practice and his reviews are great considering I have to travel the cost is within reasonable limits. I'm currently researching a few surgeons in the bay area but I would like An experienced surgeon in this procedure.

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Thanks Sabrina x I'm going to check him out ASAP! I would like a more shapely butt! I don't want a huge booty just want a little bit more to hold onto :) how is dr.Campos Immathickchick
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Im in the proccess of getting a date with Campos for lipo and fat grafting. I noticed you live in the bay area...as do I and I just dont think that doctors in this area are going to give you the amount of cc's needed to really get a curvy round video girl butt.
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I live in the bay area, and I researched a couple of plastic surgeons. I had a breast augmentation and brazillian butt aug on 12/15/11 in Beverly Hills. Dr Matlock is amazing. He is from the E program Dr 90210 or google buttsby90210. I am extremely pleased. Good luck!
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