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Looking for others who had bumps under eyes after fat pad removal and how it resolved?

  • Saint Paul4491
  • 3 years ago

About four years ago I had upper and lower eyelid surgery.  I was never quite satisfied with the left lower eye and 10 days ago had fat pad removal.  It is healing beautifully but I have a hard lump under my eye about a fourth inch from the suture line.  I have held warm compresses on it thinking this would help but I haven't noticed any significant change.Not sure if it is blood or fat that was missed. Others have asked similiar questions however I was wondering if any one out there could follow up and share how long this took to resolve and whether additional treatment was needed to remove the lump.? 

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Did this ever get better for you? Sorry I don't have any advice for you; unless it's just uneven fat left over, I haven't really heard of this happening.