I need to find a reputable doctor in or near rhode island who really specializes in bbl.

  • goodys
  • portsmouth, ri
  • 3 years ago

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Hey goodys! I'm with nikkinocole. The closes is prob. dr m in maryland!. Unfortunetly I can not afford him and will be doing my procedure with an american company overseas in a couple of months. I live in Boston as well and I have been researching and there is no one around this area spealizing in that field.
You can also try globalsurgerycenter.com
Thats who im going thru and they have a location in DR and in Miami.
Hi goodys! I live in boston and my mom lives in RI....the closest GREAT doctor would be Markman......16-18,000 but Mendieta is JUST AS GOOD if not better for 10-14,000 hes in miami.....unfortuneatly we have to travel in order to get what we really want with this BBL thing ,hope this helps

Hi goodys -- Welcome to RealSelf! I don't know of any BBL docs in Rhode Island. How far are you willing to travel?

Hi Sharon,

I'm willing to travel to wherever the best doctor is. Lately, I've been looking at Dr. Markmann in Maryland. I've only heard great things about him. My only concern is how to travel back to Rhode Island while still recovering. I've read many times that sitting for over an hour can affect the results of the bbl. Do you have any tips on how to travel after a bbl and how soon it is safe to do so?


Any way you travel laying on your stomach, or get up frequently to walk, will help. The best suggestion I've seen is to take a train, where you can do both. But figure on staying a few days in Maryland while you get through the immediate post-op period.