Finally it is official!! BUT!.. I havent told my family..

  • SoCalBA
  • 2 years ago

So I set up the pre-op and surgery date today! Pre-op is Tues Oct 2, and Surgery is on Oct 9 at 7:30 a.m! Let me start by saying im 21 and just moved in with my bf about a month ago. I've wanted a BA since I was about 14 back then I thought it was something I couldnt do because it was out of reach. Now that I've done research and I am more financially stable I am fulfilling my dream (: I never talked to anyone in my family about me wanting a BA, so I am nervous of their reaction. To them it will be kind of outta left field, I dont want them thinking it was my bf who talked me into it or anything. I've thought of just going through with it and taking them by surprise, but thats not very adult like lol. Did any of you have problems getting support from your families? Any advice that you have would be helpful, Thanx!