Has anyone had fat injections in their face in San Antonio?

  • sassysa
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 years ago

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Hi sassysa,

The closest I could find is this review in Corpus Christi. Are you looking for doctor recommendations?

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I have a doctor. I was just looking for some reassurance. I was very excited about this procedure until I read so many awful results. This doctor did lipo on my legs & hips and breast implants in 1998. I had no problems and I'm still happy with the results. I'm considering this procedure because I am having this doctor repair the mess my gyn left after doing my hysterectomy. I did quite a bit of research before my previous surgeries and the negative report percentage was much lower than what I've read on this site. Regarding results, is this procedure a higher risk than other procedures? Thanks for responding.
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It depends on where you're having it done. Getting fat transfer under the eyes, for example, is a really exact process and can more easily lead to bad results IMHO if not done right, just because it's thin skin and there isn't much fat there. You can hide an imperfect result easier in the breasts, nasolabial folds, etc.

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