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Can Facial Fat Injections be Contoured Days Later?

  • forthewedding
  • 1 year ago

I had liposuction performed on my chin on Monday. The fat was then injected back into certain areas of my face (under eyes, "laugh lines", etc.). My doctor has requested that I come back on Thursday so that he can "contour" the injections. Has anyone ever heard of this procedure being done in this fashion?

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To do touch ups I know some docs will draw out as much fat as possible. Then some fat will be used for grafts immediately and some can be banked for later. They can use the extra amount for touch ups, correcting little asymmetries, accounting for variable tissue re-absorption, etc. However, most docs can't do this in their offices. You need to go with a tissue bank (AdiCyte is one of them). I used frozen, banked tissue for scar repair. Worked great. No need for a second extraction procedure !!
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Hi there, welcome!

I haven't had this procedure, so I'm not speaking from experience. However, From the reviews I have read I've never heard of a doctor doing it days after the procedure. Did you ask your doctor if that would have any detremental effect on your results?

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