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If I had eyelid drooping after botox injections, should I not get them again?

  • nick843
  • 2 years ago

About 9 months ago I got 10 units of botox injected to my forehead, which I had done 3 times in the past without any problems.  However, I had not been to this doctor before.  After this injection, I had drooping of my left eyelid for about 4 months.  It was upsetting, but now my eyelid is back to normal and my forehead lines have returned.   My question: since I had drooping before, how likely is it that I'll have drooping if I get a forehead injection again?  I'm definitely not going back to the last doctor as I wasn't happy with him or his technique.  But I am worried that the drooping will occur regardless.   Any thoughts?

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The likelihood of you having a droopy eyelid or eyelids after Botox injections to your forehead depends on different factors, including injection technique, placement, number of units injected, and your musculature. It's always a good idea to follow up with the provider to discuss any side effects and potential issues you may have noticed, and it sounds like you've had success in past treatments.
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From what I have read it seems this can result from rubbing the area after your injections, or poor injection technique.

Here is a Q&A that talks about causes of eyelid droop:

Bad Eyelid Droop After Botox, Dr. Said It's Because of Fractured Skull, But I've Never Had An Injury... What's The Cause?


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