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Eye bags after Restylane - filler or injury?

  • david_k
  • UK
  • 4 years ago

I had HA injection for my tear troughs to camouflage small bags i had.I was overfilled and that caused worst bag especially on my left eye which seems to absorb more water. 9,5 months have passed and the bags r still there. I wonder is there still HA that causes the bags,or during the injection the muscle has been injured and more fat came up. How can i determin what it is? The bags after injections r in place that wasnt before that. Thank you.

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David have you progressed with looking into surgery yet? i noticed your other post about the blepharoplasty surgery and was interested how the results were if you went with it.
No i havent yet.I wait till the HA go away.
Any answers?