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Has anyone experienced excessive saliva as a result of nodules formed by Sculptra?

  • Joanie21431
  • 1 year ago

5 months after having Sculptra injections  I had a dental bridge put in.  a few days later I noticed large  nodules inside my cheeks.  they have been biopsied as chronic sialadentitis.  I have been experiencing constant excessive saliva and am pretty miserable.  any suggestions would be so very much appreciated.

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I'm so sorry to hear what you are experiencing. I'm not a doctor or dentist, but since sialadentitis is inflammation of the salivary gland, I would think any issues you are experiencing with saliva production would be more likely linked to that than to your Sculptra.

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Megan- I don't think there is any question it is the Sculptra. the diagnosis of the Sialadenitis came from a biopsy of large nodules sub derma in my cheeks. There is no other explanation for these nodules. I wish it was not Sculptra as so far there has been no certain way to cure my problem other than steroid injections in the nodules. this absolutely terrifies me but the constant saliva and phlegm in my mouth is driving me insane!
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