Exercise post-op

  • lyon66
  • 2 years ago

Hi girls!  I am 8 days post op.  I had a full mastopexy, breast revision, and lipo of the flanks and inner/outer thighs.  So far loving my results, but obviously still in a good deal of discomfort.  However, I'm normally addicted to exercise and was doing daily runs.  Obviously I'm not even going to try running until at least 4 weeks, but is it ok to go walking?  I imagine I just can't do any brisk arm-pumping walks, right?  But if I did a moderate pace 2 miler, would that be ok?  I feel like a lazy fat arse doing nothing and it's good to move about anyways after the lipo on my lower half.

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Well they say no exercise for 4-6 weeks of course, but I don't really consider walking exercising.
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Good question! What does your doctor say about this?

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