Exchanging breast implants for bigger ones

  • rybeth4
  • Plantation, FL
  • 4 years ago

I had my first breast augmentation on 12/02/09. I always thought the size that I initally choose was too small for my taste, but I didnt want to look too overstated. It has been a lil over three months and I still think they should be bigger. How long do I have to wait to replace my 475cc Saline unders with about 600ccs Saline or more unders?? I am 5'5 157lbs and I dont mind the fake look I just want them BIG. Money is not a concern. Thank you!

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I think you look fantastic as is! Totally gorgeous and proportioned.

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Just go for it. I am getting bigger ones (even after I just read all these scary posts pretty much telling me that the implants will slowely kill me. yikes) I am getting it done it Thailand so it's not such a huge cost. Get what you want. That's what I figure.
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I dont mind looking a little fake. I listened to those around me telling me to be modest but i always wanted larger implants. My ps suggested 560 cc saline overfilled to 675 cc high profile. Right now i have 475 cc mod plus overfill to 575 cc i think.. Please help with suggestions.
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