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Drooping eyebrows and puffy eyelids after Botox

  • anon 10
  • hertfordshire
  • 4 years ago

I had Botox 6 days ago and now have droopy eyebrows nearest my nose and puffy eyelids. whilst the ares around my eyes have turned out fine the area of the eyebrows makes my eyes look distorted.

the doctor who carried out the Botox wants to see me in 2 weeks time and said he maybe able to make some improvements but my worry is that it may make it heavier and worse. Would i be better to leave it and would massaging the area help?

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Hi Anon 10 and Katlou84, 

Here is a new thread that is a bit more current. I'm closing this forum so everyone can be in the same place and chat. Thanks


I had botox 3 days ago in my forehead and frownlines and during the same day I noticed the skin under my eyebrows looked like it had swelled and drooped downwards covering most of my eyelids. It feels and looks odd. I can't apply make up and eyeshadows like I used to. I contacted the doctor after only 1 day and he said it couldn't be the botox as it takes a few days to kick in and it must be fluid swelling or a slight allergic reaction but there's no improvement. How long do these effect last?