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Dr.Hordenski Mini and Full UBL ( Ulitimate Breast Lift) I cant find as much info as I eant on procedure, should I be worried?

  • Bahamian Beauty
  • Miami, FL
  • 1 year ago

I have stumbled across ubl technique by Dr Hordenski. But I'm still seeing procedures w/implants. I'm 4'all 125lbs. I had a baby in 2006 at 19 and breastfed exclusively.currently in victoria secrets 34D. Want a breast lift w/o lollipops or anchor scars. I am done having children. I have been to two consults both recommended an anchor breast lift. But only the 2nd consult said he could do a lift w/great results w/o implants. I hate implants. I've seen some pics of Dr.H w/great results but they had implants which leaves me worried that w/o implants I may not be a candidate for it or won't get as great of results. I have also seen a bad review on here but not sure what to believe. On one hand this is what I have been dreaming of on the other I'm afraid. I also can't seem to grasp the difference between a full versus a mini. Any info would be helpful.

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i have the anchor hate the scars but that was 20 years ago...tey to get the one with th least scars
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Bahamian Beauty the difference between the mini & ultra lift w/Horndeski is as follows; The MINI is done with only a complete areole incision, he creates an internal bra with your tissue that he cuts, he then moves your areolas up. You have the choice of implant or NO implant for this procedure. IF you are a candidate for the mini (meaning if you are not very large breasted). The Ultra Lift is created by an incision along the breast fold. He removes lots of unwanted breast tissue, skin etc. sews that incision. He creates an area (a hole) for your areolas to be high and the internal bra, then sews it all up. This is typically done on women with large enough breast, there is no need for an implant. I had the mini lift w/implants. I didn't necessarily need to get implants. Infant Dr. Horndeski prefers not to insert implants so he will not try to talk you into it. He creates upper pole fullness with his internal bra. My issue is due to the amount of my natural breast tissue the implant sits fine with lots of upper pole full BUT my natural tissue is sagging! Not happy with this. Had I known if this issue I would not have gotten implants with this procedure. He has offered to fix this in his office or redo the surgery for the surgery center fee only. Wow, that was a lot of info! I really hope it helped. He also does phone consults via FaceTime or skype so that you can find out which procedure fits you, and the price. Good luck
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4'11 125lbs, NOT 4'all
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OK so last night's I found out why I could only find 1-2 review or discussion s on Dr.H I was doing a site search on Hordeski and its HORNDESKI lol
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