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  • Laurie S.
  • Hanover, PA
  • 3 years ago

I am having a 6" noncancerous breast turmor removed.  The plastic surgeon recommended immediate, under the muscle Mentor silicone implants in both breast for even, natural look.  The outcome is supposed to be a full B cup, about the size I am now.  Can anyone tell me their experience with drain tubes?  For some reason, that is what is concerning me the most.  I am not bothered by the "gross factor."  Its more of the inconvenience.  How big are they, is it a problem to dress normally?  I have also heard that you can not drive with drain tubes.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Laurie, I'm going to be having direct implant reconstruction and I was wondering how many CC's your implants were to get a B cup. My surgeon says the biggest he can give are between 300-350cc and I'm afraid they will be too small for my frame. Thanks!
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Hi Laurie,

How are you? Are you comfortable with the idea of the drain tubes? Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with as you go forward.

Love to hear from you,


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Hi Laurie,

Thanks for joining us here on Realself. My name is Beverly Witkin and I am the moderator of the breast reconstruction community.

When I had a mastectomy, drains were placed in the incision sites to catch the fluids that would otherwise build up in the breast. Think of them as a diaper to catch the wetness. Can you imagine the mess if they were not there? Yuck!

I wore my drains in my pants pocket. There are also "bras" designed with pockets in them to hold the drains. Your surgeon will be able to advise you on where to get one.

As for the size, the drain vessel will fit into the palm of your cupped hand. They are not noticeable under your clothing, nor do they have any odor when you properly care for them. Again, you will receive instruction from your doctor. Easy peasy.

The driving thing is totally up to your doctor and your specific post op instructions.

Basically, the drains are no big deal aside from big function they perform in your convalescence.

Posting a review of your experience here at Realself will bring you lots of love and support from the members. We think we are pretty stellar in that effort. Please keep us posted.

Best wishes to you




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