Dr Mendietta: why haven' t I been seeing his name in Real self lately? Please help me decide....

  • lookingforabetterbut
  • 1 year ago

 After toying wit he idea of a BBL for 2 years, even exchanged emails with Campos, I was finally convinced after I saw Mendietta's pictures both on his site and here. i Ifeel in love with his work! So fresh, natural looking.Then I read some  reviews  were women felt they didn't get enough size or projection. And now I noticed everybody going to Salama...The Salama's girls look amazing, but right out of surgery so with the added volume caused by swelling. Is it simply a matter of taste? I don't want a gynormous butt, I don't want it to look like practically the same either. I wasnt that impressed with Salama's website, but can he offer something Mendietta can't? And if Mendietta is that great why so few reviews? Or are they equaly talented ? I appreciate you taking the time to educate me.