Dr Mendietta: why haven' t I been seeing his name in Real self lately? Please help me decide....

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  • 1 year ago

 After toying wit he idea of a BBL for 2 years, even exchanged emails with Campos, I was finally convinced after I saw Mendietta's pictures both on his site and here. i Ifeel in love with his work! So fresh, natural looking.Then I read some  reviews  were women felt they didn't get enough size or projection. And now I noticed everybody going to Salama...The Salama's girls look amazing, but right out of surgery so with the added volume caused by swelling. Is it simply a matter of taste? I don't want a gynormous butt, I don't want it to look like practically the same either. I wasnt that impressed with Salama's website, but can he offer something Mendietta can't? And if Mendietta is that great why so few reviews? Or are they equaly talented ? I appreciate you taking the time to educate me.

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Hi there,

Welcome! You're correct that Dr. Mendieta has less reviews than Dr. Salama, however, that doesn't make him a better or worse doctor. It's a really good idea to thoroughly research whoever you are consider to perform surgery on you. Try asking your doctor if he can put you in touch with former patients who are willing to share their experience, make sure you see a lot of pictures of his work and make sure you meet him, to ensure you feel comfortable that he can give you what you want.

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