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I don't want a reduction, just an uplift but I'm a 32GG! I Want to Keep my Hourglass fig. How much cup will I lose? >__

  • Gemcateyes
  • 1 year ago

Hello there! I'm in a bit of a dilemma! :3 My boobs are pretty voluptuous, however they droop and for someone who hopes to get into some modelling. I'm not super confident in them to go ahead with it. I'm a 32GG and the surgeon told me I'd have to get my breasts reduced as there is a risk it'd just sag again ( what a waste of money that'd be ). I can understand why but I love my curvy shape. I was wondering if there is an alternative procedure to this? Possible implants to lift? Or if there isn't one, I don't mind losing THAT much but I'd like to know what cup size I'd be. I wouldn't mind being a 32DD, I still want big breasts to balance me out that suit my frame. has anyone been through this dilemna? how much did you lose in the end?