Don't believe them when they say it doesn't hurt...and don't do this procedure in the summer

  • Suzieqat
  • 3 months ago

Two weeks after my procedure (lower abdomen, two smaller applicators), I am still in significant pain, and I am no wimp.  I have a constant burning in the treated area with episodes of aching or stabbing pain.  It is a little better than it was on days 8-11, when it felt as though my abdomen was simultaneously being burned with an open flame and stabbed with broken glass. The pain has been waking me up at night.  I still have swelling and bloating in the treated area, along with extreme hypersensitivity...a bathing suit is impossible; I look far worse than before Coolsculpt procedure. The physician who did the procedure prescribed lidocaine patches...expensive and not bathing suit or sweat-friendly.  The patches reduce some of the surface sensitivity but do not address the deep tissue pain, and the area not covered by them seems doubly sensitive.  Additionally, I have been taking Tylenol and Alleve.  Ice packs help but one cannot wear them to work.  I have tried compression garments per advice on this forum, but having anything around my waistline quickly becomes unbearable.  I called the office where I had the procedure done and spoke to the receptionist but the doctor did not bother to return my call.  I finally had to 'fess up to my BF...I had wanted to keep this secret and let the results gradually manifest but it was impossible to hide due to the severe pain.Ironically, Coolsculpting has had an adverse effect on my exercise regimen.  Biking and running have been painful and I have had to skip some workouts entirely.  Swimming is not appealing due to the swelling and pain.i had gone into this thinking that sometime later I would consider having another area such as inner thighs treated, but I can't imagine putting myself through this again.  I have read of some of the outliers who have pain that persists for weeks or months.  At this point, I just desperately want to feel normal again.