Doctors that Finance In House ?

  • Raevan
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 years ago

Where can I find a doctor that works with In House Financing? I have been to a doctor already who has insisted I need a full tummy tuck from what they examined in my lower area so when I was there they applied me for care credit I was denied, we applied for chase and I got denied. I have been trying to get approved for 3 years now and due to my previous marriage my ex husband left my credit very bad and since then I have been repairing it little by little. I am an administrator and I work for a good company and I do have stability and with that being said I can afford monthly payments. As of right now my credit score is 561 and I am still working on it… What doctor would finance me with a In House loan if I can provide and verify my monthly income as well as get a co signer that is just starting her credit but is a nurse at a hospital, has a car in her name and furniture in her name as well. I am so desperate I am willing to travel any where around my state area... FYI I am from Texas, and when I had my first cosmetic appointment I literally cried of tears because I thought I was going to get it.

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I have to pay full amount on pre op appt two weeks prior to surgery I'm scheduled in may but I did my consult and paid for surgery date two weeks ago.
Or you can try what I am doing, I was able to do my consultation with a Board certified surgeon and I scheduled my surgery for a couple of months out and I call the office on paydays and make payments, the only money I had to come up with initially was my fee to lock in my surgery date $500.
That is wonderful I am so happy for you and I hope to look around for someone that will do that for me as well... Do you have to pay the full amount off before surgery or will they do the surgery on the date you schedualed and you just continue to pay?

It does sound like a lot of doctors use Care Credit. I think you'll have to ask around to individual doctors' offices to see who can help you. I'm truly sorry you're in this situation and hope you can get out of it soon.