Doctors that Finance In House ?

  • Raevan
  • San Antonio, TX
  • 3 years ago

Where can I find a doctor that works with In House Financing? I have been to a doctor already who has insisted I need a full tummy tuck from what they examined in my lower area so when I was there they applied me for care credit I was denied, we applied for chase and I got denied. I have been trying to get approved for 3 years now and due to my previous marriage my ex husband left my credit very bad and since then I have been repairing it little by little. I am an administrator and I work for a good company and I do have stability and with that being said I can afford monthly payments. As of right now my credit score is 561 and I am still working on it… What doctor would finance me with a In House loan if I can provide and verify my monthly income as well as get a co signer that is just starting her credit but is a nurse at a hospital, has a car in her name and furniture in her name as well. I am so desperate I am willing to travel any where around my state area... FYI I am from Texas, and when I had my first cosmetic appointment I literally cried of tears because I thought I was going to get it.