Did you travel overseas for lipo?

  • Thinking hard
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  • 2 years ago

Did you travel overseas for lipo? I'm in Australia and can easily get to Melbourne. But it's a lot cheaper to fly over to Thailand and get it done there. I can get more areas done for less money. Any thoughts ideas? :)

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I am from Venezuela but live in the US. In Venezuela most women have had some sort of plastic surgery, so plastic surgeons are really really good. I have family there so its not like I have to pay for a hotel.
I am planning to have a breast lift with augmentation and liposuction, and the cost in Venezuela is probably half of what it is in the US, without including the plane tickets.

I decided to do it here in the US mainly for the fear of any potential complications after the initial 2 week period that I would stay post surgery.
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I travelled to Thailand and had lipo on my abdomen and chin on Sept 21st, 2011. I highly recommend Bumrungrad hospital. I'm actually return in Feb for more "treatments"
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Hi Thinking Hard -- Here are four reviews from people who traveled for lipo (none to Thailand, unfortunately). Hope this helps with your decision!

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