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Did Invisalign SPLIT any of your teeth when worn?

  • Angela, IL
  • IL
  • 2 years ago

I am currently on my 21st tray lowers, and two of my teeth have split (up and down) and was wondeting if anyone else had that complaint?  If so, let me know, thanks

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Here is what happened to me. I had an undiagnosed cracked tooth before I began Invisalign. I had complained to my 81 year old dentist that about twice per year, mostly while chewing gum, I would get a sharp pain in one of my teeth, but that was the end of the conversations. I began Invidalign, and just over 2 months later, I developed an abscess, the worst pain of my life. I believe that the aligners caused the crack to become bigger, food got down into that crack, and became infected. In the end, it took a total of 7 weeks and 5 dentists/orthos/endodontist to fix me. I had not cried due to physical pain since I was a child. You can read about it all at "adam1995". Jane
One of my teeth cracked after invisalign. I can't be 100% it was down to the treatment but seems quite a coincidence. I had to havea crown which I paid for myself as I couldn't prove it was invisalign.
My tooth has broke in half due to resistant of Invisalign who is responsible for repair my dentist or Invisalign company or me please help
mine broke off too. no one will pay.
The teeth are not broken, but they have splits, one has a couple and one I just noticed has one. I am on tray 21 of 25, almost done, and I can say that I was all for Invisalign, until this started happening. Now I am looking into what I can do, or if any others have had similar problems and what they did about it, fix wise. Im not even sure why this has happened, but I dont see any other explaination besides these trays and the pressure and movement that they do on the teeth themselves. Thank you, for sending me that link Megan P!

Sure thing!

You could always post your question in the Q&A Section too, that way the dentists could tell you if they have seen anything like this before.

If what you are seeing are hairline cracks it could be a combo that now that the teeth have moved and you are paying super close attention to your teeth you are seeing the little fractures you may not have noticed before. I have a few hairline fractures on my teeth. I wouldn't have even known about them but the hygienist pointed them out one time to me.


Wow, I'm so sorry to hear this has happened to you. Of all the reviews I have read I can only remember I other person who talked about this. You can click here to read their review.

Are the cracks small hairline fractures, or did the tooth actually break?