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Developed droopy eyelid after botox treatment

  • Reinee
  • Kentucky
  • 4 years ago

I look awful. Botox injection too close to the horner muscle paralyzed it. Please help me find something that will help this eyelid. I was referred to apraclonodine, which doesn't work.

Other meds I read about are visine, Ipratropium, alphagan, and isodine. Can someone please help me by telling me what will work? I am very depressed and don't want to go out in public.

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I had Botox and did not like the result, which included me not being able to raise my eyebrows (droopy eyes). So I started purposefully attempting to raise my brows, fighting against the paralysis. I have been slowly regaining my muscle function. Two factors to consider: I am 25 and exercise vigorously for 20 min about 5x/wk.
Went to certified plastic surgeon for my botox. I'm 49 and this was first time to try it. My doctor likes to do injections, then you come back in a week for touch ups. After first injections, I was fine. 6 days after second injections I woke up with droopy eyelid. I am 9 days after second Injections and freaked out!!! The lid is so droopy! My eye is half closed. It's hard to see and it's making me feel almost woozy. I'm totally embarrassed and don't want to leave home. My doctor said to talk to an eye doctor. I've tried all the drops. Naphcon gives me a little short term relief. How much longer until it starts improving and is there anything else to do??? I will never use botox again!
Hello, Followup on my droopy eyelid: It is going on the 6th week since my botox injections above my brow line. My eyelid is almost all the way open now. I still notice that the droopy eyelid side of my face, especially near the eye, is more tire looking, like slight droop of muscles, than the other side of my face. It is subtle but I notice it. At least I don't look like a cyclops anymore. thanks for the help. I still use the drops as I think they have short term benefits to make the eye open and lok brighter.