Dentist and Botox

  • VancouverFace
  • Vancouver, BC
  • 3 years ago

I was at my dentist for a cleaning and I was offered botox injection for my wrinkles even though I had botox injection. My new botox doctor is excellent and he makes me look natural by purposely leaving a little bit of wrinkles. I guess they couldn't tell I had botox last month. I looked up his certifications on the way out and googled it at home. Wow! He learned it in one weekend to do both botox and fillers. No thank you. Enough said. I am an interior designer sometimes.... but I think I had more training in furniture selection than he had in botox injection. Making me think twice before I go back for any dental work. I am sure there are gifted and superhumans out there but I don't my dentist is one. Share your horror or miracle stories......