Has anyone done Coolsculpting on their inner thighs?

  • Trainergirl
  • Whitehouse, NJ
  • 11 months ago

Would like to know if anyone has done cool sculpting on their inner thighs ? I have muscular legs but hold onto fat on my inner thighs. Does it work? 

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Hi - I had inner thighs done at the weekend. muscly on the outside, but a good, soft pinchable roll inner. Obviously too early for results, but the procedure was a non-event. You need to check that the clinic has the right head - mustn't be the curved one. Is a very long flat one with deep plates. I had a couple of consultations and the approach (& price) was very different at each place, so shop around.
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Hi Trainergirl,

Yes, it can be done! Here are some reviews from people who've had CoolSculpting on their inner thighs, and also, CoolSculpting on thighs in general (inner and/or outer). Hope this helps!

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