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I just had Cellulaze done on Oct 17, 2013. I am 5'1" around 120 lbs. Just wanted to share my experience so far...

  • Amici
  • 1 year ago

The areas of my body that had cellulite were my inner thighs and part of front legs. I was considered to be a perfect candidate with medium cellulite (21-40 sections) so the costs were significantly reduced as I was part of a training session - meaning other doctors were at the room during the procedure. The preparation was actually more painfully than I expected. There were several points where they inject some numbing fluid and they go over again those same points before you are ready for the procedure. I have a good pain threshold but it was way beyond that. The good part is that it only lasted a few seconds per each injected area. The procedure itself is not painful. I felt a lot of squeezing and tugging but no pain as by then the meds have kicked in. In several occasions I heard them saying that the fat popped meaning they actually saw the changes in the skin. After procedure was done, I also saw many pieces of fat on the sheets. I guess after they pressed me with a roller, the remaining fat cells were expelled out of my body. So that gives me some hope that I will see some positive results. I must say however that I did not expect the post op severe pain. Yesterday was my first day after procedure and while laying down I did not experience pain, the minute I tried to get up to go to bathroom it felt like pieces of glasses were ingrained in my thighs and every move would make it extremely painful. I have very low tolerance with the heavy pain medication but because of the pain I had to keep taking them. But by night my stomach could not take it anymore even though I have been eating prior to taking any meds. I felt I was going to pass out. Today, day 2, I decided no more oxycodone. I'd rather deal with the pain which seems to be a bit more bearable. But don't be fooled. This is not a procedure where you are back to your activities the next day. You cannot even shower for 3 days which is something I did not know until after procedure. They warned me about swelling and bruising but I think they should have warned more about the pain. I get it that people will have different thresholds but pain is a factor and will be around for a few days especially if you can' take the heavy medications. My sutures will come out on Wed-Oct 23, 2013. I am going to try to get the pre-op pics and post here and then pics after sutures are out. As far as results, only time will tell but I will keep you posted.