I had a Breast Reduction & I Smoked...

  • btowell
  • Dallas, TX
  • 2 years ago

This is for every women out there who smokes or used to smoke and is considering a Breast Reduction. I did my research. I knew that there were valid reasons to quit but I couldn't. I tried but it just always seemed so daunting, plus my husband was a smoker. I would quit smoking during the day but by 5 o clock i would be craving one so bad. I would give in and start all over again. Finally 4 days before my surgery I was able to kick the habit. Wow. I wasn't sure that it was enough time but after all of the research I had done, I was aware that the MAJORITY of the nicotine leaves your system in only a couple of days so I felt comfortable going forward with my surgery. Amazingly enough, my surgery went off without a hitch. I healed beautifully. Like nothing i have ever seen before, i am not even 2 weeks post op and my wounds are just about completely healed. I didnt hardly bruise and was never really in pain. After the first couple days i was back to myself, i have 2 young children, a toddler and an infant, so i didnt have the option to stay down. I have been blessed in my recovery. I just really wanted to share this story with anyone who may be in the same boat because I searched for articles or blogs on this when i was trying to quit and i never found not even 1 article. So atleast there is 1 now. Please do try to stop but if you cant, just be honest with your plastic surgeon and go for it if the risks are worth it to you. To me, the benefits FAR outweighed the risks of me being a smoker. I am not advocating for anything, I just want women to know that they are not alone. Smoking is one hell of a hard habit to kick. Best of luck to everyone!