I have had a breast reduction before and now having breast implants.

  • Kim45
  • 3 years ago

I had a breast reduction 8 years ago. I am now maybe a full B or small C. I am having implants put in and choosen 350. Worried that what I have selected will make me a big again. Been there, done that, just want to look nice, full and perky. Is 350 too big? My doctor says it will be a mid C to big C. Don't want anywhere near a D. HELP

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I too had a breast reduction, but 20 years ago, was a full B when I decided on first round of saline 225 imlants 3 yrs ago. Hated them, was a D+. Downsized to 158 silicone two years ago and still was a D. Still hated them and was very unhappy. Had implants removed two weeks ago by a different PS from the first two BA surgeries and finally am at peace. I regret ever going through the whole ordeal. My understanding is a cup size is 150-200 cc's. Had my original PS told me that, I never would have gotten implants to begin with. Think carefully is my advice.
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Here's what some doctors have to say about choosing your implant size. A couple things to keep in mind: the implants look smaller in your body than they do in a sports bra sitting on your chest. Smaller implants generally age better. And a lot depends on your frame (ie your height and weight).These are just some things I've read here on RealSelf in my travels as the Breast Aug moderator.

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The process of deciding what size has really been tough. I am 45 years old, 5'4 and weigh 125. At my age just want some fullness and lift of what I have already.