Double bubble risk with silicone under the muscle implants

  • simsimas2002
  • Munich, Germany
  • 4 years ago

Hello doctors, I am planning to have a breast augmentation. And I still have to choose over or under the muscle. I am full 34B in cup size now. Am I at risk of getting double bouble if I have silicones under the muscle?

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Hi! The doctors on RealSelf generally seem to agree that preventing a double bubble breast deformity is mostly the responsibility of your surgeon. The type of implant used only seems to matter in that it increases your double bubble risk if it is too big for your chest wall.

As long as you don't choose implants your board certified plastic surgeon tells you are too large for your anatomy and your natural breast fold is preserved, you shouldn't have much risk for developing a double bubble deformity.

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Good luck!
April from RealSelf