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Does botox trigger nerve conditions?

  • Cheshire1405
  • Cheshire
  • 3 years ago

After having my first botox injections in my forehead beginning of December, I started with a band of pressure around the area at my hairline with pins and needles which then spread down my face and into the nerves in my arms and legs. This has progressed to a bad nerve condition.

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I'm having "pins and needles " feeling after my first botox injections two weeks ago. I was on detox diet and was feeling a lot of energy, until I willingly wanted to look better and accepted to harm my body with this poison. I am so depressed now and am going to a neurologist to see what I can do to stop the tingling, numbness, muscle triggers that are happening. I feel older and like I'm about to die". I hope that whoever is considering botox, to think of its disadvantages that might occur to his body.

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I have such good news today from my latest dr. visit. I found a doctor who is trained to treat headaches, migraines, chronic neck pain, upper thoracic pain, and muscle spasms. As soon as I explained my symptoms, side effects, and pain, she knew the problem. She has explained to me how the muscles contract and get shorter/longer in the way our body adapts to pain/injury. She is working with me to retrain these muscles to relax so they can heal, so that I, in turn, can heal holistically. I cannot believe the difference in my pain/mental outlook/ hope. She is also working with me to find the right "cocktail" of non-narcotic drugs that will relax my muscles, get me off this endless cycle of rebound pain from the medications, and treat me with PT that allows the muscles to heal, rather than subjecting these damaged body parts to MORE activity. Today, I went into her office with a headache that was trying to get activated, pain in my neck, and beginning tremors. She gently massaged my neck until she found the exact muscles that were bunched up. She injected novacaine into them and I had INSTANT relief. She started me on Elavil last week with a low dosage, slowly increasing it every 5 days. This week she added Prochlorperazine to take as needed when the pain is increasing. Then I was turned over to her PT people. They knew EXACTLY what I was referring to when I described my side effects from the Botox injections with muscle weakness. They gently found each muscle that was causing pain, even after the novacaine injections, because those muscles were very, very tender. I was originally going to have PT with an IV going at the same time with DHE (I hope that's correct) in the IV. Because my pain wasn't fully cranked, she wanted to wait to use DHE at a later time when/if I get fully cranked on the pain. She is slowly taking one step at a time, and the PT person spent an hour with me just doing exam and asking questions, while palpating each muscle group. Part of me wanted to weep with joy with how I was being treated and validated. You can't imagine what relief it was. I am on a long healing journey with HOPE, at last!
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I just had these injections done 3 weeks ago. I am doing everything in my power to detox my body from them, using probiotics, walking as much as I can, drinking fluids around the clock. The muscle weakness is slowly improving. At least I don't feel like a marshmallow any longer. It was so bad for 2 weeks that I felt like my head was going to roll off. I couldn't get my balance, I lost fine motor skills, had a raging migraine for days, nausea. It did stop the original pain, but it was exchanged for a whole different range of pain.
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It has been 1 year - the same symptoms as you have, including exteme anxiety... breathing issue the list goes on.....feeling better on an inhaler has helped alot.
I wanted to tell you and everyone - make sure sure you are taking EFA - stay away from fish oil toxic...mercury, udo's oil or hemp oil is the best - research EFA - lots of research has been done. I believe it has been very helpful in repairing nervous system and rebalancing moods and brain. I have shared my story in my posts - you can review them. Unfortunitly you cannot detox - the allergic reation and your body has started the fight to protect from the invader. Try to calm it down the best you can. Our body is made up of water and oil. Drink lots of water and take essential fatty acids - the EFA has helped the anxiety as well. Our bodies are doing what they are made to do...fight the invader. Try to give your body the resources it needs. I feel for you - you will get better.
During this process have you taken any medications or vitamins to help with the anxiety??
I am taking CoQ10, as a nutritionist told me to take it once when I was given 5 contrast MRI's within 4 months. No one told me how toxic contrast dye is and that I should never had had that many scheduled so closely together. That was the final straw that convinced the medical profession has to be watched and you should not follow their advice blindly. I am also taking lots of Vitamins C & D, and sleeping as much as I can. I did have to resort to taking some Xanax but learned later than Xanax causes rebound headaches/pain.
Years ago I became addicted to xanax after getting botox--I had know idea botox was causing horrific anxiety, heart palps insomnia and a list of awful symptoms--. I also to this day can not take vitamin D it is considered an energy vitamin and it causes extreme anxiety in me. I tried it a year ago because mine was low-I hadnt had botox in years and felt great no anxiety, took Vit D and felt crazy awful. Also if you look up Xanax withdrawal symptoms its the same symptoms as botox so its hard to say what symptoms are coming from what if you are taking both. I know it is difficult but Im going through this awful botox without any help because I know other things can prolong the recovery- My advise is try to get through this puting least amount of anything in your body-it does get better--I want to stress Vit D caused horrific issues for me after being healthy for many years after botox and Xanax withdrawal is identical to botox nasty symptoms--Keep positive Ive been through it before and you will get better-Oh CoQ10 caused awful headaches and anxiety in me-I cry and suffer alot because of the anxiety, dizziness, no appetite and feeling like I cant breath but I do have better days than I did a couple of weeks ago so I hold on to that-things are getting better-your body knows how to heal itself
I am completely off Xanax now. I was slowly getting myself off it before I went to this new doctor because my dependency on it was getting to be psychological also. I went into a panic one day when I couldn't find my bottle that had escaped into a hole in the lining of my huge purse. I have been off Xanax now for 4 weeks. My anxiety is better. I also go to a psychiatrist who specializes in pain management. He only sees patients who are dealing with pain, so he doesn't get sidetracked on other issues. He has taught me visualization techniques when the anxiety and pain get worse. It took a LONG time for me to be able to use these. Now I am able to grab my visuals at night so that I often go to sleep so fast I don't have time to put my visuals into play mode. He told me that Xanax interferes with deep REM sleep, as it will cause you to wake up when Xanax wears off, which is usually 4-5 hours later. I have noticed that I am no longer waking up during the night. I have had this pattern for years, but it's now gone. Waking up in the night like that caused panic in itself. Since my pain is in my neck/upper thoracic area Xanax was causing a rebound headache. Don't get me wrong, Xanax is a wonderful drug that gave me much relief during an extremely stressful time. It works wonders for panic attacks. I just needed to stop using it therapeutically because it started rebound effects. Elavil will cause Vit D depletion, so I started using it to counteract that since I am having degeneration in my spine. I don't know if any supplements actually work, but I get some psychological relief. I am leaps and bounds ahead of where I was 2 years ago. I have also begun using an alkaline diet plan, taken myself off all soda pop, try to limit refined carbs, and stay away from NSAIDS. I now have an ulcer from their use for years. I will never have botox injections again. I was lucky in that my side effects only lasted a month and not years. However, that month was enough of a hell that my heart goes out to anyone enduring these symptoms for any length of time. I still have a lot of muscle weakness, but I am doing anything I can to strengthen my arms. I can't believe how doctors ignore what their patients tell them about side effects. My doctor kept arguing with me that many of his staff had these injections with no side effects, and then he said that research doesn't back up any side effects. Yeah, right, like whose research? The pharmaceuticals? That's like believing the wolf when he said he didn't eat Little Red Riding Hood's grandma.

What kind of weakness do you still have? Do you have trouble holding your head up for very long? Trouble lifting things? Do you feel a whole systemic weakness? Thank you!

So you only had side effects for a month---how long did it take for anxiety to go away--thats my worse symptom
I had severe anxiety the entire month until my new dr put me on Elavil. I was taking Xanax and it did not phase the anxiety and creepy crawlies I had.
Did the elavil take away the anxiety? That is the only symptom that I cant handle --I feel almost crazy--all the other burning, pains, weakesses I can do mind of matter and deal with it
Yes, it was like a fog of pain lifted immediately. A medical person I casually spoke with told me it wasn't often that someone got immediate relief that fast because it's one of those medicines you have to build up to the therapeutic dose. But I could tell an immediate improvement, and by the end of a week, I was clear headed for the first time in years. Part of it could have been from being off the Xanax, also. All I know is I am not lying in my bed trembling, having muscle spasms in my chest and feeling like I was either having a heart attack or major panic attack. I can't stand that helplessness and feeling like I was going to die. I cried so much during that month, because I went from being able to function but with pain, to the point that I couldn't control my arms, a shower was a major undertaking that left me weak enough to pass out, and I was so depressed. It should be punishable what Botox does to your psyche. It so messed me up. I couldn't think straight, I didn't want to do anything but lay in the bed, I stopped eating because it took too much effort to fix a sandwich. A shower left me so weak I had to rest before putting on my clothes. Then I dreaded the nights.........
You should find out and report it to the FDA and Allergen. You will need to know how many units and the vile numbers. By law you should get everything. Or just ask for copies of your records
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No, I don't know the amount I had injected. I couldn't even get the dr to tell me how many injections I was getting. I was trying to mentally prepare myself for the pain. I've had so much done that sometimes I almost pain out from the pain.
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Disappointedpatient, how long has it been since you've had it? And do you know the number of units you had (probably not, I'm assuming)............thank you!
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I wish a doctor would post on here to explain why doctors begin treating their difficult cases so badly. In the beginning, it's like a honeymoon and they promise the moon. When you don't respond as they expect, their tempers get shorter and the time they spend with you is miniscule. Their staff will try to pick up the slack, but my doctor wouldn't even answer a simple question of how many injections I got. He told me that the Botox was not related in any way to the side effects I was having. Like I wanted all the pain and weakness.
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I understand how you feel and have felt the same way. - I believe many of these symptoms appear later and it is never associated with the Botox, many Doctors do not understand because they are unaware and they do not associated it with the Botox. Patients end up on anti-depresant, hormone drugs, pulmonary issues, maybe even going to psycologist due to unclear thoughts.....and never relate it to the Botox.....we are few who are connected with our bodies and have figured it out....
What I find amazing is that doctors brush off your side effects as something you made up for attention. Like I really wanted to feel this bad and have these creepy things going on with my body. I tried to talk to my doctor to tell him what was going on with me, but he wouldn't listen. He just kept saying how he had given me the minimal amount and there are no side effects. But I do have some hope. I had made an appointment with another doctor who treats people holistically with non-narcotics for migraines and pain. She did my initial evaluation last week and she totally understood what I was telling her! I was shocked. She told me that I was going around in circles and doing all this stuff other doctors had recommended while I wasn't treating the root of the problem. We are going to start with some new medications, I'm off all the other stuff, and I am going to do physical therapy while she's doing an IV. She said that my treatment is going to involve relaxing the muscles which cause the pain while we teach them to heal. She also said that PT usually starts patients out on too high of a level because the muscles aren't healed. She doesn't use Botox but does do trigger point injections. I was put on small doses on Elavil and it's been a miracle. It's like my body was given permission to release the spasms. My muscles are very sore, as if I've done a massive workout, but there's no spasm. The tremors have dropped dramatically. I am very excited to work with this doctor. I have hope! The first improvement in 5 years.

Let me know how that works for you. I have tried PT and trigger point injections and the PT helped, the injections actual made things worse.What kind of IV is the Doc using?

This is wonderful! Please keep us posted on your work with this doctor -
And giving hope!
DHE in IV as I do PT
I will post progress after next visit. I have felt almost normal for 5 days. The elavil I've been taking has completely calmed my body and calmed most of the spasms and tremors. Of course this treatment is going to take awhile. She told me every person is different and we have to find the correct cocktail just for me! Her compassion and understanding alone was so beneficial. And using NO mascot ice!!!.