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Botox ptsosis and bags under eye

  • Dennydigit
  • 1 year ago

I went to a nurse instead of my usual md and ended up with pytosis of eyelid and bags under eyes. I had forehead crows feet and wanted wrinkles under eyes botoxing.  All went wrong after 7 days and now I'm stuck with a tired out face and smaller eye. I did some fact finding though which might help others ;put cold spoons on eyes and bags for ten mins does improve temporarily also for drooping eye try and use this eye most by covering other and also exercises such as concentrating on spot and holding it

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Hi, im new on realself, but after eight months of hell with botox in crowsfeet area and under each eye. Thought by now my bags would be gone considering this was my first time using botox and its going to b ed my last. Nothing has helped my bags. Wish you best of luck!

Thank you for sharing what is working to help with your ptosis. I'm really sorry to hear you are having to deal with that. :-/ Since you mentioned the cold spoons I'm assuming you are having some swelling as well, is that correct?