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Has anyone ever had Botox injection hit a nerve

  • 1calgal
  • 9 months ago

Last March 2013 while receiving a Botox treatment in the forehead, the doctor hit a nerve close to my right eyebrow.  It felt like a nail gun shot through to the back of my head.  I'll skip all the months in between of how I had horrible dry eyes, swollen face, etc., and get to present day.  After the Botox started wearing off, three indentations formed in my forehead: one on either side and one in the middle.  They look like huge dimples and are there 24/7.  My forehead where it meets my part is still numb.  These depressions are quite obvious and very embarrassing.  Has anyone ever had such a situation?  I'm scared these horrible dents will be there permanently.

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Are you feeling better?
Thank you for asking. I'm feeling better, however, there is still numbness from the top of my forehead to maybe 2 inches into my hairline. The worst thing is I have very visible indentations in my forehead that are very obvious. They show up in pictures and it's horrible. They resemble dents on a piece of fruit, like a cantaloupe. It's been 15 months since the shot, so I'm concerned the feeling will never come back where the dr hit my nerve. Plan to see a dr for consult one of these days just to get a medical opinion, especially on the unsightly indentations.