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botox and light sensitivity

  • veryyoungwidow
  • Phoenix, AZ
  • 1 year ago

i've been getting botox injections for about 12 years.    first in the forehead but the last few years it's been also in the crows feet area.    i started to experience light sensitivity a few years ago which has gotten progressively worse.   i have the darkest non glare sunglasses available and i still have trouble with light.   i also have times in the last year when later in the day i can't keep my eyes open.    i have to force them open and several times i've walked into walls.     i'm beginning to think it's from the botox especially the fact that i can't keep my eyes open.    have some nerves been damaged?     at this point i think i'm going to stop botox completely.    i fear getting into an accident when i'm driving.