Boob job timing.

  • MollyDolly
  • 1 year ago

Hi Ladies,  I havent completely made up my mind about getting a BA yet but i'm in a busy time in my life and I need a little bit of help.  I am at university until the end of May this year. I ideally want to schedule the surgery for the first week of June. I have a holiday planned for the first week in August and I have to move house mid August.  I know from reading this site and looking at the before and after pictures, most boob jobs in the first few weeks after surgery look a bit strange, really high up, stretched skin, strange shapes etc  but then give it a little while and they settle and look awesome.

Assuming mine will also be quite high and swollen, is 2 months enough for that to settle? I don't want to be in a bikini on a beach with stranger boobs than I have now! I know its a case by case thing, but in your experience, 2 months after surgery were you looking how you'd always wanted to?  Also- 2 months after surgery, will i be ok to move house? Im moving 400 miles from home, my parents will be out of the country and I will have little help. It will obviously involve a lot of heavy lifting and I expect its going to be quite stressful, I dont want to make it worse for myself or risk doing some sort of damage to my new gals!   

Thanks for any help you can give me and I apologise if any of this sounds a bit dumb, i'm new to this!