Will Blepharoplasty Help My Eyes?

  • BrigetteLA
  • 1 year ago

I have small uneven eyes, I have been for consultations and the doctors have recommended that I have a endoscopic brow lift and a blep to make my eyes more feminine and so I can see the upper eye lid... Please recommend me a surgery thanks

Comments (2)

So much can go wrong with PS, especially the eyes. Your eyes are beautiful. I HAD beautiful almond shaped blue eyes. After a botched surgery done by Dr Casselith, my right eye will never look normal or look like the left eye. I almost lost my vision after the surgery because the lid would not close properly and I have abrasions on the cornea. Dr Guy Massry in Beverly Hills has done a repair surgery and I have had numerous fillers injected to use as a weight to help close the lid. If you are determined to have surgery, I would absolutely go to Dr Massry because he is honest and ethical and will not do the surgery if he doesn't see a very good reason to have it done. He also may suggest other treatments that may help accomplish your goal wo any cutting.
I think I would stay away from any of the doctors that recommended any PS to you. From your picture, your eyes look perfect. I don't see any sagging, bags, wrinkles, they don't look uneven at all and your upper lids look great. Why not try having a salon do an eye brow wax to shape and raise the appearance of your brows? That's a 20$ investment that may make a world of difference. I honestly don't think you need anything done in the PS department.