Beware of Ads for Cheap Plastic Surgery.

  • Tired eyes
  • South OC
  • 3 years ago

Cancelled my surgery for next week. I have always been told to be careful of Plastic Surgeons who place ads for cheap surgery. I found an ad in a local free magazine advertising lower eyelid surgery for $599.00 per eye. This office set up surgeries twice after pre-op then cancelled the day before telling me they had to find a cheaper surgical center. I was treated really disrespectfully and the office was dirty. This Dr kept telling me what a great deal I'm getting but the way this was going I think It would have kept going up to normal price. After 2 grand I cancelled my surgery. I have to trust a Dr before letting him cut on my eyes. I need to know its an Ethical human being. They kept changing pricing and told me their ad was a mistake and they were doing me a favor. Finally I almost paid about $2000.00 (I think it would have kept changing) but because the Doctor was so unprofessional I was too scared to let him cut on my eyes. When for the third time they called me with a different price I figured if their office is this disorganized and shady it must reflect this Dr. The dr lied to me more than once about pricing and how he was ordering equipment for in office surgery but did not have it yet etc. I think I will save my money and go see a more honest and professional facility. He is board certified but to me that does not matter if he is not honest. Also, All his ads are ads are all full of half naked women emphasizing more of the "looking sexy". Not sure I want a Dr who does mostly breasts working on my eyes. I feel if a correction were involved later he would give me the run around. Better to be safe. If anyone knows of good honest surgeons please let me know. Also good Dr's with fair fees?