Would I benefit from a lift with implants or would just an implant be fine?

  • mummyto4
  • Canada
  • 4 years ago

Hi, I know it's hard to tell from one little picture, but I was just looking for an opinion to know what to expect. I have droopy breasts with an obvious loss of volume. The dropping doesn't bother me nearly as much as the deflated look. I was wondering if I did just get an implant, would it improve the overall appearance in a satisfactory way? or are lifts generally recommended too? Thanks so much!

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When are you having the implants? Or have you nit decided yet? I'm having implants done on the 26th, next week. Go to my profile and you can see my before pictures. I will post after pictures as well. I'm not having a lift either. Maybe that can help answer your question. Good luck

can I get away with just a silicone implant no lift? I have two consul. Im 5'0 100lbs runner I want silicone implants but No lift I dont mind the natural breast sag. but Im worried about getting the double bubble affect. Do you think I could make the implant work and should it be submuscular, partial, or above the muscle. Thanks


i have 4 children and am 5'2 and 115 lbs i am a d cup and was wondering if i should get a lift or if a small implant would lift them up. i do not want the scarring a lift can cause but i also dont want anyone to tell i have an implant, alot of my friends have implants and said because i'm already big breasted you wouldnt be able to feel or see the implant is this true??