Bad reaction to hyaluronidase - what can I do?

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  • 4 years ago

I had restylane under my eyes a year ago. The doctor over did one of the eyes so he dissolved it with hyaluronidase. I left the small amount of restylane beneath my other eye. Now I have aged ten years under one eye (the one where I used hyaluronidase), because it has lost the fat that plumps up when you smile. So I'm getting lines, and it looks so assymetrical when I smile. I tried restylane again and this didn't fix it. Very unhappy. Wish I never had it done :'( I'm only 26.

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Hi Please, Sounds like you are now comfortable with yourself, and it is great to hear that you have overcome your body dysmorphic syndrome. Enjoy your good health, youth, and beauty. Be well. Dr. P
Thanks for your offer of help, but I've decided not to pursue any more cosmetic surgery (ever again). After my last injection my vision blurred for just a moment but it was incredibly frightening and shocked me into realising what I've actually been doing. I've finally realised it's a huge lie. I'm not afraid to get older. Or even old. I'm just grateful to be here. I'm shocked that I allowed doctors inject my face with things that could have blinded me. I'm so lucky to be who I am and to be alive. I don't have to be perfect. I don't have to be the most beautiful. I'm fine as I am. I'm in love with life. I think the surgeons I went to seen an obsessive person and capitalised on my insecurities. These lines aren't even that bad. I still look younger than my age anyway. It's normal to have asymmetries and imperfections. My smile isn't ruined, I'm still me. And it's also normal to feel scared about getting older, sometimes. But modern media conditions people to feel like they should 'war' against it. Literally. Those words are so commonly used in advertising 'fight against wrinkles' 'war on aging'. It plants these seeds so that the violence of cosmetic surgery seem normal. Justified. But it isn't. It's really sad. I don't care anymore if there are lines on my face. I don't have to be twenty forever. I'm healthy, and happy. And free. If anyone else is reading this and thinking of embarking on plastic surgery for anti aging reasons, please take a *good look* at the celebrities who are so obviously obsessed with it (Nicole Kidman for example). And then compare them with the ones who aren't (Pauley Perrette for one). It's incredibly sad. Madonna looks ridiculous. She's told by all the people around her (including the people who perform her treatments) that she looks great. She's fed the lie, that she's still young, sexually attractive, but it is a lie, because she looks WEIRD. She's the emperor without any clothes! She isn't attractive in the way that she wants to be, she isn't even fertile anymore. I know some brilliant older women. Women covered in lines, who are just incredibly inspiring, beautiful and vibrant. Intelligent women who are changing the world with their minds and living IN IT instead of inside their mirrors. Our culture is heavily conditioned by advertisers. I'm just really glad, that I have realised this now, and have finally got over my body dysmorphia, so that I can get on with living this incredible life that I have been given.
Hi Please, Please email photos for evaluation, then I will let you know your best course. Be well. Dr. P