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What do you wish you would have asked before Fraxel.

  • 1 year ago

For those of you that have undergone Fraxel, what do you wish you would have known before doing it?  What questions do you wish you would have asked?  What misunderstandings did you have?  Help out our Community Members who are considering Fraxel here!

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I'm on day 3 of laser skin resurfacing and it is horrendous!! I wish id never got it done! My eyes are so painful and weeping green pus! I also feel very ill and shaky. I haven't been able to sleep because of the pain and weeping.I have to go and see the plastic surgeon tomorrow as they think I have an infection. I will update asap.
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its normal. I had the same thing....I looked like a freak. I had to see the dr. 2 days later with a towell over my face. Snuck in the back so no one would see me. What helped me was benedryl pills and Domeboro astriginent you can buy it in drug store. Once I put it on my face, next day the swelling was almost gone.
That's a relief! I wish id thought of the towel though as I used gause and it was stuck fast to my face when I got there even though its only 15 mins away! Ive just got back from the clinic and the doc has put me on antibiotics and cream, he reassured me everything will be fine
Use biafine topical emulsion during the healing process! It completely saved my skin. I had co2 when I was 35 and fraxel repair at 40 , both time I used biafine and my results turned out well.
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It completely destroys your face! The doctors and the manufacturers are criminals!
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I look like a monster i went for it witout researching or asking questions and now regret it. I will never do this
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I wish I knew that: - laser would scar my entire face , my biggest fear would come true! - the clinic would not tell me honestly about the risks - they would say anything to make a sale - laser damages skin in a bad way, it kills healthy skin and replaces it with scartissue - to tell them to keep setting low as possible - they would continue to treat me even if they saw skin turning worse without telling me - the clinic would withhold my before picture after I complained and gave me wrong treatment info. - the clinic would not care about you or damaging your skin, they are in it for money like dodgy used car salesmen. - i would have left my skin alone after first laser - would have found negative reviews before I got damaged - I wish I would have recorded my consultation for future reference - pain and excessive swelling not normal for restore specially on low levels - realised to check the laser machine used was really fraxel restore, it could have been anything I didn't even think they could possibly sell another laser as fraxel -I would have been recommended peels and needling before lasers - I wish I have had a witness in my consultation - I wish I would have know fraxel would destroy the rest of my life, my dream career, friendships, my relationship with the love of my life, and would render me incapable of leaving the house, unable to work, unable to sleep , unable to smile or feel happiness. I wish I would have known that the clinic I went had damaged people before and after me, would lie to me about safety.
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i am in my second day after treatment. My face is so swollen that I look like a freak. The assistant for my dr. said i could put on makeup on the 4th day. I don't think I could put on makeup for over a month the way this is going .... Has anyone had swelling where your face looks like a baloon? I had the treatment at 40....and 30. Yes I did smell burning flesh too. Yieeks. Need some tlc hope someone can help.
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Yikes, you smelt burning flesh? omg! have you been putting cold packs on, i was told not to but i wish i did as my skin was so hot for days after. i wouldnt be putting anything on your face that isnt healing in some way, someone posted Honey and emu oil was helpful i used manuka honey for it healing propities and i used rosehip ol for a week too but this was 4 weeks after when i notices the pores/pin holes werent going away you could also try aloe vera , very good for helping burns heal and minimizing scarring,my skin was still red and irritated for weeks , my local GP put my on predinzone for something else but i found it really calmed my skin down maybe talk to your DR about that too
Yes exact same reaction plus treatment was painful!! What laser did you have??
I really wouldn't recommend the honey and oil in the 2 weeks after fraxel, they don't have strong enough anti bacterial properties and can trap oil in the pores... I know because I tried them and I broke out really badly! I also tried Jojoba oil and it clogged my pores! I'm using Synergie products which are all natural and made for Australian skin, as well as Medik8 and rationale and I am in love with them. I would highly recommend going and getting the Omnilux Light therapy, I did it and overnight I was amazed at how it helped my skin heal! My face was swollen for 1 week after the treatment.
Forget about these lasers. It's way too risky.
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I had scarring from laser treatments.I got deep holes and impressions where the laser was shot.It has been over a year.I have been getting needling treatments and been using copper peptides.I have so far after 7 treatments have seen about 70% improvement.I have about 5 more treatments,but I am happy so far.I will never have laser treatments ever again.DO NOT TRUST DOCTORS !My doctor had outstanding reviews on line.She damaged my skin and it has cost me a year of my life and who knows how many more and thousands of dollars.
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Things I wish - -I did not do fraxel . -I asked if I would be covered for damage and if the clinic would be liable in case of laser damage. -would it change my skin texture on healthy skin - could it make my skin worse - I wish I had a TEST PATCH - I wish I asked for a low setting - I wish I insisted on being conservative - I wish I did not do fraxel - I wish I did not do fraxel - I wish I did not do fraxel Where do I even start ? I had three consultations and insisted how scared I was of damage , k asked about skin needling, fillers ext and still I was recommend FRAXEL ( fraction laser ) Palomer emerge non ablative to be exact . The stamping method left huge deep tracks through the dermis of my skin . I don't think this will be reversible . But I can pray . I would never let my daughter near the cosmetic industry . Greedy doctors who prey on your weak self esteem in a brutal world . I wish to god I had a test patch . NO DOCTOR TESTS A PATCH FIRST !!!! WHY !!!! Maybe they are arrogant . Maybe they are misleading you . Maybe they hope you won't notice the texture damage until u have paid for 5 !!! Maybe they are not conservative and Caring enough !! They want their money to pay for their EXPENSIVE laser machines . They have to talk you into it because they are running a business . I WISH TO GOD I NEVER GOT LASER . But if you do choose so .... A TEST PATCH could save your life. Don't risk the deep trauma and phycological damage . You are beautiful . Don't risk your healthy skin . Do a test patch in your hair line or near your ear . 1cm watch it closely for MONTHS .. TRUST ME .. TEST PATCH !!!!! They won't like it ... BUT It's YOUR FACE !! YOU make the rules ! YOU are PAYING ! TEST PATCH !!!!!!!!!
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I realise how incoherent my last post was , due to my mind and mental state being scattered after the worst experience of my life , ( laser) . I am still highly Traumatised . I am not the same person . I am so emotional about this . Please don't do it and if you do , test patch first . It is critically important . Be your own best friend and look after yourself . Have enough respect for your health to test patch and see if you heal . Most people are actually not suited to laser . Only certain skin with large amounts of scar tissue . There are many clinical studies showing cases of DNA damage and thermal bystander effect and death of cells AND atrophy. Please protect yourself .
Good advice. Thank you
Excellent advise and review - thank you !
You are spot on Sandy. Couldn't have said it any better.
Yeah but you know what they say... they say the head that treats you is what costs the $$$ which is why you are charged the same amount by doing the entire face or 1 dot, you really would need to demand the patch test and I'd say not many places would do that for you, but its defiantly worth people demanding so they can start making tiny patch sample ones!!!
I wish I had asked more questions about sun sensitivity and needing to stay out of the sun post fraxel restore. If I had known that I shouldn't go outside for weeks then avoid the sun and outdoor activity for 6 months post treatment I would have skipped it. I'm 6 days post treatment and have cabin fever, only having gone out to run errands and go to work once since I had it done. I'm just terrified of damaging my vulnerable skin after this treatment. I had skin cancer about 5 years ago and I was told that this was a safe treatment. Then I was told a few days ago that I should not be getting any sun at all post fraxel. I have 2 small children and I just want to take them out to play without comprising my health. I am fine with wearing sun screen and a hat, but how long do I have to wait for it to be ok for me to spend some time outside if I take these precautions? I can't get a straight answer from anyone. I am also feeling uncomfortable with very dry skin and a red, raw peeling area between my eyes that's giving me concern. If anyone has any advice for me please let me know.
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My Dr advised no direct sun contact with unprotected skin for 3 months. i think its a little unrealistic to expect people to have absolutely no sun for 6 months
I wish I would have known that the effects of Fraxel would look worse than the acne scars I was trying to fix. I wish someone would have told me that my skin would look dry, ugly, full of hypo/hyper-pigmentation and my self esteem would forever be in the toilet. I would never have done it. I would have never stepped into C h a n g e s Plastic Surgery in San Diego. They show up on the "featured doctors" on this website and it makes me sick. Don't do it, people. They will feed you lies and keep telling you that there will be more improvement with more treatment. If only I could turn back time...
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here here sister. :(

I never new it would scar me cause larger pores age me ruin my life. It a living nightmare the it s been 4 months. More scars show up week after week this is torture. How is it possible i thought i lived in a save country where things like this didn t happen to people. It seems there is no fixing either this will keep getting worse no matter what i look like i have been in some terrible freak accident and i used to be a beautiful women who just wanted to rejuvenate my skin instead i was burned and the damage never ends.

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yikes, sorry to hear this and i am crossing my fingers it doesnt happen to me i am 17 days post treatment and have noticed pores where i didnt notice them before .