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After Bad Dysport results anyone do botox again?

  • Huddie
  • 1 year ago

I had a bad experience with dysport. June 2012 got botulism poisoning first time trying it. Was very sick for 6 weeks and wreaked havoc on my immune system. Has anyone who has gone through this ever received botox again and have it be ok? I swore off this toxin post dysport, but never had a bad experience with botox (used it minimally for 4 years prior to the dysport). Just curious if anyone has gone on to do botox/fillers after a bad experience.

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Sorry to hear that, I been having botox for 10 years now and only last year tried dysport and did like it, dont think it lasts as long but personally I prefer allegan botox.
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Wow, that is interesting that you had such a bad reaction to the Dysport after you had been ok with the Botox before. Do you know if a higher quantity of the Dysport was used, and perhaps that would be part of the reason??

Here is a Q&A that you might find helpful, but keep in mind that I think the doctors were answering this based on people getting regular botulism (if that makes sense) as opposed to botulism induced by Dysport/Botox.

Is Botox Safe for Those Who Had Botulism?

I certainly don't blame you for being hesitant to do Botox again after the experience you have had. Please keep us posted on what you decide to do.

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