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5,000 is What I Am Working with

  • PRebel
  • Dallas,tx
  • 2 years ago

Here are some pictures.Kids... Everyone told me breastfeeding for 1+ years are the best thing for them. No one told me. My breast would look like this afterwords. Im pretty sure I'll need a lift. Does anyone know of a surgeon that would like to fix me. lol Literally make me beautiful again? Idk how the payment or a payment plan could work. I do have 5,000. I was looking for maybe a clinical trial or school maybe. IDK. Any advice or best route. Willing to travel around a bit. Ok city preferably

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I travelled to Coral Gables FL from Illinois for my surgery. Surgery cost $5,000 ( I got a cash discount) I paid less than $1000 for travel for myself and a friend renting a condo in Ft Lauderdale for 5 nights. Coral Gables Cosmetic Center is a no frills clinic, but they use board certified PS and the staff were wonderful! The PS here in Illinois quoted me over $11,000 for BA/BL and surgery costs so I felt like I got a great deal.
Fly to San Diego first & go to Tijuana Mexico. Do your research on PS in Tijuana.

Have you tried the Ft. Worth side of the fence or looking for teaching hospitals? If you're on a really tight budget, you should probably try to stay local so you don't incur travel costs as well.

My 2 cents: Keep saving until you can do this totally right and go with an ASAPS/ASPS board certified surgeon in your area. I know it's hard to wait, but there are some great push up bras out there! :)