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Got a 11K Quote for Cellulaze??

  • Lotsalipo
  • 1 year ago

Hi there,   I'm in San Diego and I went to the only doctor who does it here. So far, he said he's done a handful (mostly his staff). I need the front, back, some of the side and half of my butt done. The gave me a quote of 11K (they said down from 15K). Is this completely ridiculous? I know I have a lot of areas, but still. I'm 5'7", 135 lbs. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I also have a consult with Dr. Petti in Torrance and will be scheduling one with Dr. Springer soon. xx, Lotsalipo

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We generally quote patients per anatomic treatment area, although some doctors quote patients by the number of "squares" treated (5x5cm areas). For front, back, side and buttock, my quote well under $10K. I use local anesthesia and valium only and the procedure is performed in the office OR, so I can pass on the cost savings to my patients!
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11k what is this can i discuss with u .
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Please do not forward photos to me or my e/mail or my website. Post them here on this forum so all the docs can respond.
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Again the disposables from Cynosure are very costly. From you slight description I believe the hard CELLULAZE costs are 2 fibers ($600), 2 Thermaguides/1 Smart Sense ($2,000), rental fee of the unit ($500) = $3,100. Than OR expenses about $1,000, anesthesia costs $1,000. So before the doc gets started the out of pocket expenses/costs run around $5,000+++. Add his fee which should double the costs another $5,000 gets you to $10,000. So the $11K quote even discounted sounds in line. Yes the CELLULAZE is very cost expensive. If you wish to forward photos to me than I can quote you more specifically . Regards BTW I would wait til he has more experience or use another certified CELLULAZE doc.
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