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11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Juvederm

  • 3 years ago

In our Juvederm community many people look back on their experiences and say, "I wish I had known..." some information prior to undergoing Juvederm treatment. Here are 11 tips from RealSelf community members that you may find helpful. Feel free to add your own in the comments! --Sharon

1) Juvederm is For Wrinkles... and More

I had Juvederm injected one month ago into my face to look younger -- a "liquid face lift." I wanted a mini face lift, but thought I could put it off for a while. -Mishka

I had Juvederm injected below my bottom lip, on each side, in order to fill out some rolling acne scars. I'm not very satisfied with the result. The product seemed to pool into areas I didn't need it, and didn't do a great job of filling out my scars. -all_smiles

I decided to have Juvederm to fill a recessed area of my nose. The doctor filled it and it looks bad. I want my old nose back. -biba

I'm 36 and had treatment for "lipo-deficient" cheeks with Juvederm Ultra Plus. About 1.5 vials in one side and 0.5 in the other, to make the appearance even. -Hopeitgoesaway

I have reasonably-sized lips and wanted a little more volume, especially in my top lip. I had more injected into the body of my lips instead of the border so they looked more natural, not strange like they can look if too much is around the vermilion border. Juvederm is perfect for this and gave me my dream lips! They look very natural and luscious. Only downside is they will bruise and swell a bit but it is easily masked with lipstick or gloss. Get Juvederm Ultra Plus which lasts a bit longer. I recommend this to those looking for a plumper pout! I wish it lasted forever though, not just several months. -SoniainBoston

2) Choosing an Injector

I decided not to take any shortcuts so I went to a plastic surgeon and had an initial consultation five months ago. (This shows how hard it was for me to make up my mind!) The actual injections were done by a nurse. This concerned me a little but she does these all the time and is trained and certified in them so I figured it'd be better to choose experience over a title (RN vs MD). -blueeyedkitty

One should always make sure that the person doing the injecting is board-certified. They definitely should be a physician who specializes in these procedures. The quality of results are determined by the quality of the person doing it. -Janet Bryan

Not all plastic surgeons are good injectors. It takes someone that does it a lot and on a regular basis and knows how the products react. -Terry Brown

I went to an ophthalmologist who also does cosmetic Botox, laser and Juvederm. I watched him perform laser eye surgery on my father, and figured he had great hands for the needlework on my face. -Peggy C

3) Does Juvederm Hurt?

I had a dental block done, which wasn't very painful so the injections were a breeze -- No pain. My advice is to go to a very skilled dermatologist or plastic surgeon and spring for a bit more so you're happy. -Lee2

I had a local topical and the Juvederm was mixed with lidocaine. There was no pain, seriously, and I was really scared about that, and no bruising at all so far. I followed the instructions of no ASA/alcohol, and took bromelain pills for a few days beforehand. I was very nervous and had researched the pros and cons of this treatment ad nauseam. So in terms of the procedure, it was no big deal for me. -Lovisa

4) Bruising and Swelling

I have a little bruise under my left eye and hardly anything under the right one. I am also very pale and bruise easily. -blueeyedkitty

I bruised terribly above my top lip and had a dark black and blue mustache for a FULL week! I have an enormous soft "pillow" under one eye, and less obvious swelling under the other. -billiejoy

I didn't have any swelling after my shots, but did get pinpoint bruising that started the following day and lasted for about a week. It was very minimal. Now for my marionette lines, I bruised and swelled like CRAZY! -dolphins21

5) Aftercare

I took Arnica Montana and had minimal bruising. I took Arnica for about maybe two days before and during the day of injection and a day or so later. I took three pills about three times a day. -Krystal

Apply ice water for 20 minutes and then a warm tea bag for another 20 minutes. That should help the healing process. -aabob

I have been doing warm compresses every night. The warm compresses have changed the big bags into smaller ones. I have been lightly massaging it too -- seems to have helped somewhat. You might want to try a baking soda and water paste too. I did that for my Juvederm duck lips and it took them right away. (Baking soda neutralizes acid.) But I didn't really notice much of a difference with the baking soda paste in my eye area. I think it worked for the lips because I put in on the inside of my mouth and that tissue is more absorbent than skin.  -Hatejuvederm

6) Downtime

I literally expected a day or more of downtime after having this done. I have a couple of tiny pin prick marks that you'd need a magnifying glass to see. -Lovisa

Next time I have Juvederm injections it will be before a two week vacation. I went back to work on the fourth day post-injection. I was unhappy about the conspicuous bruising at work. -Los Angeles8948

My downtime is about 3-4 days to avoid people that know me really well! A stranger would have no idea I just had them done. -LOVE my lips

7) Lumps and Bumps

Juvederm is highly malleable, which means if you have lumps or it doesn't look smooth, the doctor can show you (within the first two weeks) how to massage it into place and smooth it out. It is a bit painful because you do have to massage hard enough to move it around. I use Arnica gel and oil to help massage, and it helps bring down the swelling and bruising if you have any. -Terry Brown

When I tried massaging my lumps I think I made my face more swollen. The lumps under my eyes eventually did go away but it took about five months or so. Thank goodness it didn't leave any lasting, sagging skin. -Hatejuvederm

I have noticed that some doctors say to massage the injected area but the lady who did mine has told me not to touch my face for three days or have it massaged for up to a week. -cecil

8) Touch-ups

The nice thing about Juvederm is that if you don't use all the syringe, your practitioner can store it for use until next time. I will be going back in the next week or so to have the rest injected, after I look my face over for a bit and see where I think it's needed. -dolphins21

I just had Juvederm done today; actually, twice today! I had one syringe this morning, but it was obvious my 11 lines and marionette lines needed more. After six hours of seeing how my super-sensitive skin tolerated it, I was back for the rest in the afternoon! My 11 lines won't completely disappear because they are too deep, but they are hugely better. He also worked on some deep wrinkles under my lip and on my chin. I got the Ultra which is supposed to last up to 12 months. I have no bruising (and, I bruise easily), even though I bled at the syringe site on my forehead. I am thrilled with this stuff! The doctor said it takes up to seven days to completely calm down, so it will get even better. -Peggy C

9) Dissolving Juvederm with Hyaluronidase

Another doctor superficially injected Juvederm in the tear trough area and, as a result, I had bags or pillows under my eyes. I had hyaluronidase injected in the tear trough area by a very competent dermatologist to correct the mistake. He injected one unit for both eyes and I immediately saw the result within minutes. The bags flattened out and by the time I went back home, which was about two hours, all the bags had disappeared. It felt like a miracle! -desperate333

I personally feel this product Vitrase is horribly abused. It should not be so generally accepted that, "Oh, if a doctor makes mistake with Juvederm, just get some Vitrase!" There are some physicians who have this thought process, and I say, find out ahead of time, and run for the hills if you encounter any practitioner who feels this way. That is too blase an attitude to have. A doctor should be skilled and competent enough to inject Juvederm the FIRST time! If he has to rely on Vitrase, don't use him. -Krystal

10) Longevity and Long-Term Effects

I hope the results are as lasting as it says... up to a year. My doctor told me I may need a touch up after four months or so, but we would have to wait and see. Different people have different longevity periods with this, but regardless, I'm in love with this stuff! I switched to the Ultra Plus though... it lasts a lot longer in my lips than the regular Juvederm. -Bama Chick

I had Juvederm done twice under my eye for the dark circles. The first time it worked great with very little bruising, the second time I bruised A LOT and then the dark circles were twice or three times as bad. It looked like I had black eyes all the time now. After 10 months of dealing with this and hoping it might get better but didn't, I went to another doctor and got an opinion on what may have made this worse and what I could do to make it better. He told me that I had a lot of tiny clusters of blood vessels under the skin that may have worsened by the severity of the bruising I had with the last treatment. Not sure if that was it, but it was definitely MUCH worse. He suggested the YAG laser to treat these veins and IPL laser to help with any discoloration of the skin. -nytowl

I had Juvederm injected for some hollowing underneath my eyes. Unfortunately, the dermatologist used a "superficial" technique leaving me with a Tyndall effect. I also had prolonged swelling for over six weeks because of the trauma to the thin skin in this area. I had severe bruising as well. -Still waiting

11) Was It Worth It?

After one treatment with Juvederm I'm hooked. It's absolutely incredible. Talk about instant gratification. -Bama Chick

Results? Yes? But they're very, very hard to place. They are subtle to put it mildly. I definitely wanted a more dramatic result, and feel I could have used another vial or two easily. I really considered getting more today because when I looked in the mirror after it was done I still saw my nasolabial folds. I'm not looking for radical improvements, but still something I can clearly see. Right now I feel like I would like more filler, but price can quickly become an issue, especially when I don't know if it'll last. -Lovisa

The results are so slight. I have no doubts that my doctor is competent and did a great job, I just didn't get the improvement that I hoped for. The treatment was pretty painful and I looked like a monster for a week so I'm not sure if I want to try again or go back for more, plus, it's pretty expensive to keep up. -billiejoy

I obsessed over my under eye bags for about two years before I got something done. Now I am just wondering how long this will last. But believe me, $425 is not a bad price for feeling this much better, and I will most likely do this again when the Juvederm wears off. I have definitely spent that much in creams, lotions, and makeup, which did absolutely nothing to the eye bags. I am happy! -blueeyedkitty

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Hello Everyone: I live in Toronto, Canada. I just tried Juvederm for the first time and had a very poor result; actually, I had no result at all. I would need to see an xray of my mouth and chin area to see evidence of product. I cannot mention the MD's name, but he gave me a full refund and I applaud him! Now, how awesome is that! Ladies, if you are unhappy insist that you get your money back and find a better injector, which brings me to my question. Can anyone out there in virtual land recommend a superlative filler person in my city?
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Anyone ever got an infection or had any other complications with juvederm when injected with a microcannula needle? Supposedly this method "guarantees" that blood vessels will not be disturbed when using this method.
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I had my lips done 2 weeks ago with restalyne I'm so mad at myself for not researching it more before I did this because my injector definatly put way to much in the boarder around my lip I look horrible now my husband says I have bart simpson lips now . The doctor also did not put enough in my bottom lip so i went back and he put more in now I have to lups on the inside of my lower lip and for some reason its making my chin look weird . I hate this I wish I never would have done this I just wanted fuller natural looking lips not monkey lips . I'm way to scared to get the injections to reverse this as I feel like I have already done enough damage not to mention the 900 dollars I just spent to look absolutely ridiculous my upper lip is hard around the boarder and the bumps on the inside of my lower lip making talking akward . I'm wondering if it is going to take longer for the boarder of my upper lip to go away then the rest of my injections to the actual lip part if so this is def going to be a nightmare . Things I wish I would have done first not got anything done in Miami I would have went somewhere that doesn't have a plastic surgery center on ever corner and I would have found a doctore that was really experienced with lip injections I would have asked to see before and after photos . Second I wish I knew injecting it into the boarder was a huge cause for duck lips and I would have told them I did not want that but I just thought thats the way it was suppose to be done . Third I would have brought a picture with me of lips I liked . Forth I would have not jumped the gun with the first place I went too . I'm just extremely upset I look like a freak and I just hope my body gets rid of this stuff fast exspecially the crap around my top upper lip ! My husband hates it and now that I know what to do and what not to do its too late because he will probably divorce me if I ever try to get this done again and I just wish I could have a redo because I have seen pictures of when its done properly and it looks really nice so upset =( one more question will it cause sagging after the restalyne goes away ?
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has time improved it? if not, get it reversed! no need to hate the way you look! life is hard enough... xo
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The only problem is it wears off extremely unevenly and you will look like a freak for several weeks if not months while it is metabolizing. Hardly any doctors can get it put in evenly enough to make it not wear off terribly. I have been to several and they all were board certified expert injectors.
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I had juviderm injection in my nose mote than a year ago but i donct want it any seems that it spreads to other parts of my nose!is it really possible?how can i get rid of it as soon as possible?i really miss my own nose.
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Scratch I bought a Tua Trend microcurrent machine & do Flex Effect facial exercises Tina Richards in on youtube she shows may exercises just type in Tina Richards. Hope this helps a bit.
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I went to injectors at the Australia Plastic Surgeons association the injector was a RN whom worked 20 years in a Harley Street surgery in the UK so there was no lack of EXPERIENCE .....just bad luck that I along with MANY others had an allergic reaction to Juverderm/Voluma.Thank god 2 years on I look good due to perseverance with a micro current machine & daily facial exercises.
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That is great you went to someone so experienced! I wish I could say the same! (I should have checked out their credentials better, so it really is my fault for choosing this person) I am very interested in what the machine is you have been using? It is called a "micro current machine"? Or is there a different name? And can you share what facial exercises you do? Thank you very much, I appreciate your help! :)
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I had Juvederm around smiles lines, lips and under the eyes...(total of less than 1 ml in lips and the balance of 1 ml under eyes and smile lines. It is now day 6 and I have literally not left the house once...I have a horrible black eye, pockets of swollen filler under my eyes and giant lips, looks very duckish and Lindsey Lohan! I really regret this and for the very temporary result of up to 1 yr and all the side effect and possibilities of permanent damage and all the problems that I read here and that I am having myself (lumps, unevenness) I don't think it is worth it at all! Or if you feel you MUST do it just do a little bit! You can always get more but why go back and inject more crap into our faces to dissolve this filler? All I can say is don't schedule anything for 2 weeks (if you are including your eyes) and know that you could have some very freakish results...I wish now I had just waited until I am 50 or so and then get a mini face lift or other little permanent nips and tucks in a hospital. Just be careful and really do your research and think over and over if you really need this? In retrospect I say NO WAY!
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scratch, i really appreciate your honest report. inga
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I agree that you have no idea how it will turn out. To be honest you will probably end up A-symetrical so expect this.
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I am lucky to have a plastic surgeon who will admit to a complication. Here's something you should all know about Juvederm injections (and I'm told this is rare, and if so then it really figures that I'm the "rare" one, but consider this regardless): when receiving facial fillers you run the risk of it getting INTO or around a blood vessel. the end result starts off looking like a bruise. a day or two later you see a rash... and tiny little pus filled blisters. this is the juvederm restricting blood flow to that area, which if left untreated can lead to DISASTEROUS RESULTS!!! Dead soft tissue and horrible facial scarring. My BC Plastic Surgeon prescribed antibiotics and meds to help my circulation for healing. I am PRAYING that this works. I absolutely LOVE the results of Juvederm... its just this complication that has me freaking out. I suppose I'm "lucky" that it isn't as bad as it could be (yet) and the color isn't too dark and the rash isn't everywhere, but I did this to look great for my job relocation. Now I might look a lot less than great. sigh.
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I am experiencing this EXACTLY! itchy around the eyes, and the injector hit a blood vessel and said she felt very bad...but that is very I have a black eye and these little itchy rash and tiny bumps forming after day 6...Heaven help me! I hope this isn't permanent! It just was not worth the price of "looking beautiful!" Bigggg caution to anyone thinking about doing this!!!
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thats terrible i hope u get beter was the brusing alittle green in colour ?
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Every 4 to 6 months my face starts to swell, beginning on the left side of my face, and moving across to the right side of it until my whole face is swollen. It takes from 2 to 3 days for the swelling to dissipate. Now I can't say for sure that Juvederm is the cause of this swelling, but I can think of no other reason for my face to swell so. Other than that, I have been happy.
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I have had this same problem after Juvederm injections into the lips. Every couple of months I wake up in the morning and my lips and surrounding mouth is severely swollen and lasts for a few days. My GP prescribed predinsone for the swelling a couple of times but now I just wait out the few days for the swelling to go back down, it's horrible. Injecting doctors don't want to accept responsibility when problems happen and they wipe their hands of you and try to make it sound like something else is causing the problem. I have been to every specialist and had all kinds of tests done to see if there is any other medical problem causing this and every doctor has determined that this is likely a result of a bad juvederm experience. I understand mistakes can sometimes happen but how you handle mistakes says a lot about your credibility, and when an injector refuses to accept responsibility for a mistake and refuses to work with you to try to fix the problem then they clearly do not have your health and safety in mind. These are the kinds of doctors who end up getting sued eventually because they just provoke people into it instead of doing the easy and more credible thing which is work with a patient to fix problems and handle mistakes properly.
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THis happens to many people and it is very hard to deal with. You wake up and you feel like a freak for several days with no idea why. It even happens that one side can be more swollen leaving you feeling A-symetrical for days.
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well, every 4 to 6 months my lips and face swell, starting on the left side and spreading across to the right side, It takes from 1 to 3 days for the swelling to subside
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My first try with Juviderm came out perfectly. I went back about 9 months later to the same doctor, this second time he happened to put a little too much by my mouth area but it was tolerable. Near the years end I went back for the 3rd time. All I needed were the frown lines done as everything else seemed okay. The doctor did not listen to me and injected waaaaaayyyyyy too much above the lips, below the lips and around my mouth. He produced pockets on the sides of my mouth that were not there before and they actually make me look older! I have gone back 6 Times for him to inject hyaluranidase in these areas. They have gone done in some areas but are still evident in others. Not to mention I am Badly Bruised!! He is now trying to convince me I had these lumps and folds before he injected the Juviderm and has transposed pictures to try and prove it!! I have called him on it and demanded my money back. Will be seeing a dermatologist this week. I do not want to spend the next 9-12 months with flaps and lumps on the sides of my mouth. What is wrong with these Doctors who don't get that a little goes a long way and as women we want it to look natural!! Not to mention as symetrical as possible.
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Have you found a solution for this issue? Same exact thing happend to me 4 years ago. Dissolving twice then, and once a year ago has not worked, though last year it softened it a bit. I have the flaps around my mouth too and have been to several surgeons and derms to try to fix. too young for surgery and I really dont want to build out around my mouth to conceal it .. more problems.
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The same exact thing happened to me. I went and got my lips done and they turned out perfectly. I went back to the same doctor and she put way too much in my lower lip and I looked like a freak. I had to go get Hyaluranidase injected to relieve the pressure. She tried to blame it on some health issue I had has in the past. After the Hyaluranidase I had indented sides of my lip that I had to go and get more Juvederm put in just so I could stand looking at myself. Now it is 6 months later and the sides have worn off faster than the rest of the lips leaving me looking like I have a sausage bulge in the middle of my lower lip with collapsed sides. I am way to scare to go get my lips done again so I have to live with looking like this for however long it will take for the rest of the Juvederm to wear off. There is always a risk that the injector will not listen and just do whatever they want leaving you looking terrible. You have no control over where they place the Juvederm and no control over how the hyaluranidase will dissolve it. Keep this in mind if you are thinning about having anything injected.
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I had filler in my lips one week a go today, I have had flu like symptoms ever since, has anyone else experienced this? Or is it coincidence?
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Hey babe, jurvedeerm is extremely safe amd natural sugar im pretty sure? so I highly doubt it's from the product! Is the area sore at all? Was the clinic clean and hygenic? I think it's just a coincidence!! I have never heard of some one being allergic to it! I guess possibly your body could just be very sensitive but will get used to it soon, you'll be fine x
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