10 Things I wish I'd known before Breast Augmentation

  • Walnut Creek
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • 3 years ago

Recently I had breast implant surgery (see my story). Here are 10 Things I wish I'd known before having it done. Hopefully they will help some of the women on RealSelf considering the same procedure!
1. Be prepared to have the doctor throw you a curveball. I did my homework, knew exactly what I wanted. I saw the doctor and he said "no, you cant go from 34A to 34B because your skin is too elastic and you need to go full C". I didn’t think I needed a lift either and he pointed out that one breast was way lower than the other so I ended up trusting him and am really glad I did. Just go in there with an open mind and be prepared to revise your original plan.
2. Get ready at home beforehand. a. Buy another bra (or 2) b. Wash all your laundry (have new sheets waiting for you!) c. Leave your house cleaned. If you are going to be home alone, have food and all medications handy so you don’t strain yourself. e. Buy larger clothes for work beforehand
3. Drugs are your friends. I went to a doctor that advertises no vicodin required, just ibuprofen. But ask for something strong just in case. I did and on day two I took vicodin. Xanax really helped as well. I took that the day I came home because I was freaking out. My breasts looked so huge and felt so hard and I really thought I made a huge mistake. I was shaking! I was so nervous for about a week after surgery. Ask for Xanax!
4. It doesn’t hurt to touch your breasts… So touch them. They feel weird, but start slowly and it helps with the pain. Massage them to help the pain go away with fewer meds.
5. Bowling Balls on your chest! That’s what it feels like at first. And a week later, it feels like your milk is coming in. If you've ever had babies, you know what I mean. Try to work out your back before surgery. I worked out for two months straight pre-op and I feel great at two weeks post op.
6. Go walking. I walked the day after surgery and everyday since. Very slow at first and never more than 30 minutes. I think the movement helps get the swelling go down. I always feel better afterwards.
7. You don’t have to share if you don’t want to. I haven’t told anyone about the surgery. So its great that it’s winter so I can camouflage my breasts. I also got eyelash extensions and did my hair differently. I feel so great right now, and its because I am finally pampering myself. But I didn’t feel the need to tell a soul.
8. Try to avoid driving for as long as possible. I still get sore if I drive for too long and I’m 14 days post op!
9. Be Still – Take it easy. I know its hard, but find movies you need to catch up on, books you've been hoping to read, and take it easy for the first two weeks. I was told not to overexert myself for at least six weeks after breast implant surgery.
10. Call your doctor with every question you have. You paid them, so make sure you get all your questions answered.