Facelift Videos

Serious Facelift Complications Are Minimal in Healthy Patients

While facelifts do come with potentially serious complications, Dr. Sheldon Kabaker notes that one of the best way to avoid problems starts with the consumer's personal health. VIEW NOW

Facelifts to Change a Patient's Appearance

Every now and then Dr. Sheila Bond says she encounters a patient who wants to look completely different after a facial procedure. She explains what their next steps should be. VIEW NOW

Swelling and Bruising Months After a Facelift

Dr. Sheila Bond explains how unlikely it is to remain swollen or in pain long after a facelift procedure but also advises on a course of action if this is the case. VIEW NOW

Lunchtime Treatments: Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dr. Janet Neigel explains who is the best candidate for a treatment that is so quick that the patient can have it done on their lunch break and go right back to work immediately. (Hint: anyone!) VIEW NOW

These 3 Treatments Could Put Off the Need For a Facelift For Years

Dr. Steven Pearlman introduces his "Pearl Lift" procedure, which combines three different treatments. VIEW NOW

Our Faces Aren't So Much Sagging as Deflating

Fillers can works wonders on an aging face, now that we've identified where the true problem lies, says Dr. Marc Cohen. VIEW NOW

Proper Technique is Integral to a Natural Looking and Feeling Facelift

There are several things a patient and surgeon can do together to ensure the best possible facelift result, explains Dr. Jill Hessler. VIEW NOW

The Future of Facelift Healing Is Bright Thanks to Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

We know the human body is an incredible healer and now doctors have isolated what they believe to be the secret ingredient: platelet rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh explains how PRP works in the realm of plastic surgery. VIEW NOW

This Surgeon Talks About Testing the Newest Technologies For Facelifts

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh talks about the newest available technologies for facelifts and how a special center in his practice is dedicated to testing and research. VIEW NOW

Understanding Patient Demographics Will Allow For a Better Facelift Recommendation

Dr. Farhan Taghizadeh explains how understanding patients allows surgeons to avoid unfortunate final results. VIEW NOW

Facelifts Were Developed By Working on Dead Bodies

Dr. Edward Terino talks about his experience as a young plastic surgeon learning through the decades the best way to perform a facelift. VIEW NOW

The Facelift Incision Length Doesn't Matter as Much as Maintaining Good Support

Dr. Chris Moss explains that it's more important that the surgeon plans to properly support the underlying tissue during the procedure than the name of the procedure you end up having. VIEW NOW

Many Women Share these Same Concerns About Facelifts -- Get Answers Here

A facelift is a serious committment, so it's no wonder why so many people are still very concerned about this procedure. Dr. Andrew Lyos addresses some of the main concerns that he deals with on a daily basis in his practice. VIEW NOW

These Signs Might Mean It's Finally Time For a Facelift

Dr. Adam Hamawy talks all about facelifts in this video that explores their usefulness for those patients who are truly ready for such an invasive procedure. VIEW NOW

The Most Important Factor in Any Facelift Is the Artist (Your Surgeon)

Dr. Richard Castellano explains how important it is to choose a good surgeon. VIEW NOW