Facelift Videos

Mini Facelifts Are "Designed For People WIth Mini Expectations"

Dr. George Commons goes through the different types of facelifts and their pros and cons. VIEW NOW

Maintaining the Hairline in a Facelift is More Important Than You Think

Dr. Steven Wallach explains that while many patients are often conscious of maintaining a natural look to their face post-facelift, many often neglect to think about the hairline and how/if their surgeon will make it look natural. VIEW NOW

Facial Rejuvenation Restores Youth to Your Face Without Changing Who You Are

This patient received facial rejuvenation in the form of an endoscopic brow lift, blepharoplasty, and CO2 laser skin resurfacing by Dr. Jose Barrera. VIEW NOW

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Watch This Woman's Face Change Before Your Eyes After a Face and Brow Lift

Watch a patient, treated by Dr. Jose Barrera, undergo a major transformation after getting a deep plane facelift, pretrichophytic browlift, and facial fat grafting. VIEW NOW

Watch This Woman's Face Change Over 2 Years of Plastic Surgery

This patient underwent a facelift, laser resurfacing, browlift, and blepharoplasty over the span of two years with Dr. Jose Barrera. VIEW NOW

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Restore a Slim, Shapely Neck to Turn Back the Clock

Dr. William Portuese shows several of his patients' before and after photos, describing how neck and face lift procedures can be used to restore both contour and confidence. VIEW NOW

They Say a Facelift Lasts 10 Years, But "That's Really a False Statement"

Facelifts are frequently said to last 10 years, but Dr. Brian Windle reveals that it really depends on a number of factors. VIEW NOW

How a Facelift Should Be Customized For You

Dr. Trevor Born reveals the goal behind the traditional facelift and how each type of lift works to achieve it. VIEW NOW

Minimally Invasive Early Stage Facelift Gives a Longer Lasting Youthful Appearance

Dr. Joseph Grzeskiewicz explains the idea behind getting a minimally invasive facelift earlier in life. Who is the best candidate and how does it differs from the traditional variety? VIEW NOW

These Facial Rejuvenation Procedures Can Improve a Facelift's Results

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses other facial rejuvenation procedures that can really maximize the overall results of a facelift. VIEW NOW

Can You Trust Before and After Photos? Here's What to Look For

Dr. Michael Law explains that you should take plenty of time before choosing a facelift surgeon. He offers his tips for what to look for in before-and-after photos that will help to further guide you. VIEW NOW


What Is a Lifestyle Lift and Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dr. Scott Thompson explains the Lifestyle Lift, which is designed to treat early signs of aging. VIEW NOW

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What Is the Recovery Time of a Facelift?

Learn how long recovery is following facelift or neck lift surgery from Dr. Scott Thompson. VIEW NOW

Mini Facelift Recovery: Socializing Within a Week!

Dr. Scott Thompson explains how long recovery time is following a MACSlift or Mini facelift surgery. VIEW NOW

How Invasive Is a Facelift and How Much Does It Cost?

Dr. Steven Dayan explains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. today: the facelift. The doctor breaks down how facelifts have improved over the years and what you can expect to pay for one. VIEW NOW

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