Facelift Videos

Facelifts Should Make You Look as Good as You Feel, Says This Doctor

The average age for a facelift in the US is 51 but everyone ages differently, notes Dr. Lenore Sikorski. Look for these signs when making your skincare choice. VIEW NOW

Mini Facelift: What Makes It Mini? Does It Work as Well?

What makes a mini facelift "mini"? Dr. Cameron Chesnut shares how this procedure can rejuvenate your skin. VIEW NOW

What Does a Facelift Do? See These Before and After Photos

We all think we know what a facelift does but what exactly does it entail? Dr. Shahriar Mabourakh explains and shows the results of previous patients. VIEW NOW

I Want My Saggy Neck and Double Chin Gone! What's the Least Invasive Solution?

Dr. Michael Epstein answers a patient's question about how to operate on a saggy neck and double chin in a less invasive way. Hear what he recommends. VIEW NOW

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Face and Neck Lifts: Is Cutting the Platysmal Bands Dangerous?

Worried about the cutting of the platysmal bands during a face or neck lift? Dr. Michael Epstein explains the level of risk involved in this part of surgery. VIEW NOW

Revision Facelift Surgery: How Long Do I Have to Wait?

Want another face surgery but just had some work done? Dr. Richard J. Brown suggests you wait this long before going back under the knife. VIEW NOW

Why Did You Want Plastic Surgery? Hear These Personal Stories!

Patients of Dr. David LaPatka share their experiences with procedures including brow lift, chin lift, nose job, and facelift. Learn about their stories! VIEW NOW


Facelift Surgery and Scarring: Make Sure the Tissues Are Kissing!

Facelifts can be scary, particularly when you don't know what kind of scarring to expect. Dr. Paul S. Nassif describes where he typically makes an incision and how to keep scars as minimal as possible. VIEW NOW

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How Long Does a Facelift Last? Your Skin's Elasticity Plays a Big Role

If you're willing to invest in a facelift, you want the results to last, right? Dr. Paul S. Nassif discusses the popular procedure and what kind of results you can expect depending on the elasticity of your skin. VIEW NOW

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Many Women Share These Same Concerns About Facelifts — Do You?

A facelift is a serious commitment so it's no wonder many people are concerned about the procedure. Dr. Andrew Lyos addresses some of the main concerns he hears in his practice. VIEW NOW

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Serious Facelift Complications Are Minimal in Healthy Patients

While facelifts do come with potentially serious complications, Dr. Sheldon Kabaker notes that one of the best way to avoid problems starts with the consumer's personal health. VIEW NOW

Facelifts to Change a Patient's Appearance

Every now and then Dr. Sheila Bond says she encounters a patient who wants to look completely different after a facial procedure. She explains what their next steps should be. VIEW NOW

Swelling and Bruising Months After a Facelift

Dr. Sheila Bond explains how unlikely it is to remain swollen or in pain long after a facelift procedure but also advises on a course of action if this is the case. VIEW NOW

Lunchtime Treatments: Who Is a Good Candidate?

Dr. Janet Neigel explains who is the best candidate for a treatment that is so quick that the patient can have it done on their lunch break and go right back to work immediately. (Hint: anyone!) VIEW NOW

These 3 Treatments Could Put Off the Need For a Facelift For Years

Dr. Steven Pearlman introduces his "Pearl Lift" procedure, which combines three different treatments. VIEW NOW